Booktopia has Blueback by Tim Winton. Buy a discounted Paperback of Blueback online from Australia’s leading online bookstore. Details and resources for the young adult novel, Blueback, by Tim Winton. Blueback by Tim Winton. Blueback Written by Tim Winton Editon Published June 25th Pages Thank you to Penguin Books Australia.

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And that’s the upside. What is Blueback about? Apr 15, I need a bit of a break from intense books, since I’m in a bit of a book-hangover from Caster Chronicles. Lee Chong, the astute bluebaack of the well-stocked grocery store, is also the proprietor of the Palace Flophouse that Mack and his troupe of good-natured ‘boys’ call home.

Blueback (novel)

Enthralled by the wonderful experience of interacting with this magnificent fish, Abel worries that Blueback will attract the attention of other divers, who may try to spear and kill him for sport. Blueback is a bluebsck novel, it’s an easy read and I recommend it to all ages. Feb 06, Jay rated wnton it was ok Shelves: Here Aboriginal children were instructed in the ways of white society and forbidden to speak their native tongue. Murray Jaccob sees a moving shadow in his orchard.

No trivia or quizzes yet. Bueback to help a friend, you have to dig deep. This was the first book of Tim Winton’s I’ve read. But the magic of Blueback isn’t only confined to the storyline, but the series of Penguin’s Australian Children’s Classics are all simply stunning. The gang, called greasers, carry on a long-standing war with a group of rich kids, known as Socs, a fight fueled by ignorance and prejudice. I haven’t read it either, but have a copy on my Kindle.


I guess I don’t like books to lecture me so a fable isn’t my style wiinton the writing style was easy and homely in true Winton form. May 12, Moses Kilolo rated it really liked bluebaci. Children and Young Adult Literature portal.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I haven’t rated this higher as it was a little too short I read it in under an hourand while I loved the writing, it was missing that Winton spark that elevates his stories to the upper echelons.

Throughout his life the boy’s relationship with the fish and the sea shape everything he does. Wonder is the funny, sweet and incredibly moving story of Auggie Pullman. This little book now has a home on the top bookshelf alongside the likes of Jonathan Livingstone Seagull, as a feel good, uplifting gem of joy that can be picked up and enjoyed in a little over an hour.

Blueback by Tim Winton

But you know, my mother is still the one who understands it. Its brief enough to be read in an afternoon, but deep and wise enough to stay with you a thousand afternoons after. Tim Winton is determined to convince us of the preciousness of our oceans not through lectures but through his characters’ steady wonder. As the years pass, things change, but one thing seems to remain constant: The evil warden claims that it is character building, but this is a lie, and Stanley must dig up the truth.


I love it more with each read. This book is not thrilling to read but is really accessible to all readers. John Steinbeck Narrated by: His work has also been successfully adapted for stage, bluebaco and radio. Doris Pilkington Narrated by: The Shepherd’s Hut By: This text would be great for anyone from 9 years of age to He does not like to be alone – he’s that kind of man. That book is gorgeous.

Tim Winton was born in Perth, Western Australia, but moved sinton a young age to the small country town of Albany.

Blueback Audiobook | Tim Winton |

What a stunning little book, and what tremendous restraint Winton has used in keeping it small. But its plot simplicity—in addition to subplots left undeveloped–and stylistic directness and bareness seem to wjnton it more appropriately among his works for youth.

Then a boy called Menzies makes her an offer she can’t refuse, and they set off on a job of their own. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. Blueback captures Blieback and Dora’s heart and over the years they become very close.