Since the hardcover move, I’ve read only three Laurens books. I think that it was the breather that made me appreciate in Beyond Seduction. After six unsuccessful months of wife-hunting in London, Gervase Tregarth, earl of Crowhurst and the second-to-last unattached member of the. In a moment of recklessness, Gervase Tregarth, 6th Earl of Crowhurst, swears he’ ll marry the next eligible lady to cross his path. Cloistered at his ancestral castle.

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To the rest of the world, he’s aloof and untouchable, a respected and driven entrepreneur. In a syephanie of recklessness, Gervase Tregarth, 6th Earl of Crowhurst, swears he’ll marry the next eligible lady to cross his path. The continuing frustration, even if it had been entirely outside his control, had only exacerbated his already abraded patience – and an irrational sense of time running out and him sgephanie not having found his bride. I overall liked the book but the romance didn’t impress me this time.

He is going to manipulate the hell out of her: The one thing that I enjoy about Laurens’ novels are her female characters, all strong and more than able to take care of themselves. The story had too much sex in it and the story dragged. At their insistence, he looks closer to home I first read and loved this book in paperback, and have now finally gotten it on audiobook! So he sets out to get to know her, which turns into a challenge to seduce her.

At sixteen she was already taller than Sybil and bade fair to turn men’s heads with her lustrous light brown hair and long, long legs.

Beyond Seduction

The oldest TBR in my stash at the time I read it. Account Options Sign in. Background of a crime, and in this case smuggling. And there’s a place for that, just not when I have to pay for it. To formal, dry Was this a book you wanted to listen to all in one sitting?


Oct 16, Charisse rated it really liked it. And how did he come to have the seduxtion Finsbury diamonds in his pocket? As such she has enjoyed unusual freedoms for a woman. He’d contributed little to the dinner table conversation; the few exchanges had been of a general nature, of local affairs and local people. Yet the current debutantes do not appeal.

Six months, and he’d got nowhere. A regular diet of them saw me like them less and less because it’s the same story told over and over laurnes. Penelope Ashford, Portia Cynster’s younger sister, has eeduction up with every advantage: I like the way that Stephanie Laurens writes. I like the characters of Gervase stephahie Madeline but their story has no meat. But what Barnaby and Stokes uncover leads only to more questions.

As they work together to organize a fair and investigate rumors about the possible collapse of the tin mining markets, Gervas A Bastion Club novel. This series doesn’t have to be read in order to enjoy. Eigentlich ist er ja auf der Suche nach einer geeigneten Ehegattin und die hofft er in Londons Salons zu finden. I was still interested and wanted the characters to be happy – I didn’t hate them or anything, but always felt a bit of irritation about the manipulation.

I was not able to get through all laufens Part 1. Confined in neat plaits on either side of her small face, her hair was a darker brown than the others’, more his coloring, but her eyes were Sybil’s blue. Madelaine, who is managing her brother’s estate until he reaches his majority, has never seen the need to marry.

There was some story there, some excuse beyonx Christian remaining detached and consequently unwed.

Beyond Seduction : Stephanie Laurens :

Once in London, Stephanie and her husband both began work as research scientists in Kent. Most Helpful Most Recent.

Belinda’s chin tilted a fraction higher. The “they” he and she were discussing were her daughters – his three halfsisters – currently featuring as the bane of his life. Stephanie Laurens’ books are always well-written and rich in detail. The heroine is refreshing — the capable guardian of her younger brothers and their estate, so capable as to pass under the gender radar. He stared at them. They’d always been close; as their adored older and only brother he’d grown accustomed to them being on his side.


And as the daughter of the late Viscount Gascoigne, Madeline unquestionably possessed birth and station appropriate to the position of his countess; there was no fault to beyons found there.

I know he’s in more of Laurens’ books — and he ge Overall Response After the travesty of To Distractionthis was a breath of fresh air though that’s not a super hard threshold to conquer, is it?

Laures seems quite bizarre that your sisters were involved. Then, he’s all saying to Gervase that he better not tell anyone. The romance, however, is a bit unique in that Gervase has known Madeline for many years but he’s always seen her as an equal, not necessarily as someone who he might be interested in. But nothing last forever.

News of the trouble with the mill had reached him just after he’d arrived stepganie Paignton Hall in Devon to witness the nuptials stephannie one of their small band, Deverell, and his Phoebe. Set in time just after Waterloo, this collection of retired spies are all titled and must find wives. Those two also aided in the mystery solving 3. Madeline is convinced that Gervase is only interested in her because stepphanie is an older woman that is available and he is bored.

So he sets out to prove that they would make a most dreadful match