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The starter control assembly of claim 22 further including at least one electric soldi operably connected to move at least one of said movable line contacts. The heat must then be conducted away from the heat sink and ultimately outside of the control enclosure.

In the past use of a separate stand alone bypass contactor and its associated wiring to form a parallel path often resulted in only a limited reduction in the size of the enclosure required for a reduced voltage AC motor starter. The field of motor starters benahaw a group of switching elements which may be used to control electrical power to a load.

The starter control assembly of claim 1 wherein said at least one stationary contact includes at least one stationary contact mounted on said line heat sink. Hagerstown, MD Local: The starter control assembly of claim 30 wherein said wear surface is a rigid member attached by a fastener to said heat sinks. Benshaw MX3 technology has more buit in features, more configurable options and a broader communication capability than motor control on the market.

This lower extension provides for holding the frame member 35 in alignment above the stationary contacts 38 and Such heat can be carried away from the semiconductor devices through the use of heat sinks.

A stationary contact mounted on the incoming heat sink similarly provides for the stste line contactor function without the necessity of wiring to a separate stand alone device.

Benshaw Xe20060004-3-2 Solid State Starter

The starter control of claim 10 wherein said stationary line contact is mounted on said line heat sink by a bracket extending generally perpendicular from the mounting surface of said line heat sink. The starter control assembly of claim 7 wherein said solenoid means is mounted on at least one of said heat sinks and electrically insulated from said at least one heat sink. The starter control assembly of claim 26 wherein said solenoid is mounted on at least one of said line heat sinks.

A dual movable contact or bar 26 can be seen in FIG. Electrically joining the incoming line heat sink to the outgoing heat sink provides a low resistance parallel current path around the semiconductor thereby reducing the heat generated in the assembly during full voltage operation.

The heat sinks 2a, 2b generally can be of the extruded aluminum type commonly starteg in semiconductor power assemblies and bus work. One of the advantages of the invention is to provide for a small package with all major components mounted directly on the heat sink which produces little heating during full voltage operation, and therefore the heat sink can be designed to handle only the heat generated during the anticipated reduced voltage of the duty cycle.


Contact spring 9 maintains proper pressure between the movable contact 26 and the stationary contacts 24 and 25 during closure. When the semiconductor or SCR was fully gated on and the applied Bensbaw voltage to the motor is at a maximum, the bypass contactor would be actuated, thereby providing a path around the semiconductor device for carrying the load current.

Except for the gating circuits all elements of the starter are mounted on the heat sink. Connector 10b can be mounted directly on heat sink 2b. This configuration removes the necessity for any interconnection wiring to a separate bypass contactor and the need for a separate stand alone bypass contactor device.

In wtarter general control page we discussed the use of starters and contactors to control motors and other power devices. Current is conducted from respective thyristors 13a and 13b via load heat sink 12b to lug 20b which can be connected to one phase of the load. The starter control of claim 11 wherein said connector means includes lug means for connecting an electrical conductor and an associated stationary contact rigidly and electrically connected to said lug means; and etarter lug means and said associated stationary contact being rigidly mounted to said line heat sink and electrically insulated from said line heat sink when said movable line contact is in a disengaged state.

Boy will that ever help the old electric bill. Semiconductors, such as thyristors 13a and 13b, provide gate controlled flow between heat sinks 12a and 12b. The semiconductors 3a, 3b could be silicon thyristors which through gating circuits not shown can be controlled in their firing phase relationship to control the output voltage and current. When the solenoid stzrter is deenergized, return spring 34 pushes frame 35 upward causing the movable contact 37 to disengage physical and electrical contact with the stationary contacts 38 and When the semiconductors 30a and 30b are gated “off”, the load current is reduced to a very low leakage current level.

Soft Starter Panels in Faridabad. The use of the non-conducting, insulating bdnshaw, frame for carrying and guiding sllid movable contact or shunting bar has been found to provide the additional benefit of permitting the adjacent surfaces of the heat sink to act as guide members in positioning the movable contact reliably upon the stationary contact members.

Currents flowing in load heat sink 2b are connected to the load via the load connector or lug 10b. One such preferred arrangement would be to drive the middle sub-assembly shunting contacts directly and have the outer sub-assemblies connected mechanically to the single center solenoid. The Benshaw synchronous solid state starter package consists of a RediStart series solid state starter connected to wolid stator to provide a smooth stepless acceleration, and the SEP section that is connected to the rotor, in conjunction with the discharge resistor to provide automatic synchronization.

So check out the Benshaw website and if you don’t find the info you’re looking for, give us a call and we’ll send one of our application engineers out to discuss your needs. Solid state motor control universal assembly means and method. To sense operation and coordinate the operation of the shunting contact, a switch element, such as limit switch 40, can be mounted to sense the position of the movable contact.


The complete assembly is isolated from electrical contact via mounting insulating feet 46a, ebnshaw, 46c and 46d. Benshaw is so confident in their products that they guarantee every low voltage solid state starter and every medium voltage control for three full years.

Benshaw Advanced Controls & Drives

The starter control assembly of claim 38 wherein said surface is coated with a wear resistance material. Contacts 4a, 4b are stationary and directly mounted to respective heat sinks 2a, 2b. The starter control assembly of claim 1 wherein said at least one stationary contact includes at least one stationary contact mounted on each oslid said line and load heat sinks; and said movable contact means engages said stationary contacts on said line and load heat sinks to selectively establish a shunt path between said line and load heat sinks.

The starter control assembly of claim 23 wherein said solenoid is mounted on at least one of said line heat sinks. MX3 controllers, power components, software, and sensors are all designed, built, and tested to perform as an integrated control system; eliminating the coordination and performance problems inherent in other forms of reduced voltage starting.

While the stationary contact shown in the figures have been mounted on the upper surface of the heat sink, it is equally feasible in applications, where desirable, to mount the stationary contacts upon the lower surface or other areas of the heat sinks. Benshaw manufactures a wide range of low voltage solid state motor controls. In environments where it is required to maintain a sealed or ventilation restricted enclosure, the physical size of the enclosure statee rapidly with the power rating of the semiconductor device.

An electrically operated incoming solenoid 8 connects the line voltage received at lug 10a to the line heat sink 2a by means of a movable line contact 7 which connects respectively the stationary line stahe 6a to 6b.

The movable frame 35, as seen in FIG.

The solenoid 8 is a electrically operated device which keeps movable contact 7 in a normally open position and when actuated, causes the movable contact 7 to be electrically and physically connected to contacts 6a to 6b. The above contacts and solenoids can be directly mounted to a heat sink assembly thereby providing the benefits of unitized construction.

The starter control assembly of claim 1 wherein said at least two heat sink members include six heat sinks, three being line heat sinks and three being load heat sinks being arranged in paired relation.

Although other manufacturers limit their warranties to one year, Benshaw believes that because they build a better product they can guarantee them for a longer time.