31 Aug Guide to flying RC Helicopter for beginners. There’s so much more to life than being a passenger. Piloting a new rotor-craft for the first time can. Learn the easy way how to fly remote electric RC instant down load book Beginner’s Guide To Flying RC Helicopters tells all you will ever need. Here’s my begginers guide to RC Heli’s and i’ll give it out for free. That’s all good and I couldn’t agree more as far as actually flying the.

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Different models are sure to have some checks that are unique to them. See heliguy below with the helicopter tail pointing towards him — when learning this position must never change. Rainbows are essentially a gradual and long tick-tock variation.

Beginner’s Guide To Flying RC Helicopters

I’ve purchase all my helis in pairs. Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links. I just want others starting this hobby to know that this is by far the best resource of knowledge I have come across during the 20 years I have been passionate by anything that is RC. Get familiar with your helicopter, prepare it for flight I suggest an RC transmitter with only channels for beginners.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! RC helicopters with more than three channels can perform additional maneuvers. Again, thank you so begginners for the site and the book! Remember — do not go all fljing way with the control inputs. For some helicopters, notably the smaller ones, this is actually very beneficial because it gets the model out of the Ground Effect ‘GE’ – this is the term used to describe the adverse effect on the helicopter by the very turbulent airflow around it; if a heli is hovering or flying very close to the ground then the downwash from the main rotor doesn’t get cleared away, instead it bounces back off the ground and creates turbulence immediately around the helicopter.


Please don’t ask for a refund bdginners you thought you were buying a hard copy book – I can’t make it any clearer throughout this page that it’s not a hard copy book! All round one of the best books I have on any subject. Ways of learning to fly an RC helicopter Like Coaxial helicopters, the amount of lift t this type of helicopter is proportional helicophers the amount of throttle input or the rotation of the motors.

Comprehensive books have been written about this subject. In order to truly master inverted flight, I recommend you learn how to hover, make turns and make figure 8s in an inverted position! Hence it is very important to master orientations before attempting pirouette.

And understanding them properly at the same time! The very first thing you will need to do is to learn how to hover your RC helicopter in place. A more complicated multi-channel CP helicopter will have motor power, cyclic, collective and yaw control as well as additional ‘idle up’ and remote gyro gain control – in this case it has six channels.

He is also a expert in remote rc planesyou will find some great reading on his site below. Use a real email address or you will not be granted access to the site. Salt have done bfginners no one has been able to do; brake it down in a well rounded ” level 1″ manner and beyond. Please click one of the Quick Reply icons in the posts above to activate Quick Reply. Chapter 11 – Learning to hover your heli: As a beginner, coaxial helicopters are probably your best bet.

While making these turns you will notice that you lose some altitude.

Be liberal with the altitude! I went, head first, and plunging into the deep water’s without learning to swim first. You can fly further and higher as you gain experience but recognize your limitations. Thumbs on the sticks with knowledge.

You tl want to invest in one of two spare batteries to continue the fun and training between charges. It is also important to get used to transitioning into and out of inverted flight in a smooth fashion. Safe, secure payment through PayPal. What is the big deal about keeping the rotor speed constant?


“The beginners guide to flying RC helicopters” – new John Salt eBook – HeliFreak

Even after 5 months of flying I have learned much from it. Peter talks about the different types of remote helicopters, how they work, where to fly them, how to hover your heli, basic forward flight, and just to much to mention on this brief review of his book. In short, this e-book has been written from the ground up. You guys nailed every important topic and cut to the chase in an easy readable format.

Now I don’t mind hazing 40 bucks for some diamonds in some mindless iPhone game, but I do mind spending that on eBooks. If no such fitting is included then an accepted method is to remove the whole rotor head assembly so that only the bare main shaft remains, and slide a length of suitably gauged wire through the hole that accepts the so-called Jesus Bolt the bolt that secures the head assembly to the shaft.

With cyclic pitch, the lift of the helicopter is not dependent on the rotor speed unlike fixed pitch RC helicopters.

The Beginner’s Guide To Flying RC Helicopters

August 2nd, by V Kadamatt. We acknowledge that products,company names and logos mentioned on this site are trademarks of their respective owners. Full Scale Heli threads go in OT please. Forum info is generally basic instruction. This page easy-to-read guide can be purchased and downloaded in just a few clicks, by using any of the ‘Buy Now’ buttons throughout this page.

The time it may take to master the hover will depend on what kind of RC helicopter you are flying.