Van Valkenburgh, TSooger and Neville, Inc. New York, N. Y. October, iii TABLE OF CONTENTS Vol. 1 — Basic Electricity What Electricity Is How. Download Basic Electricity By Van Valkenburgh free pdf, Download Basic Electricity By Van. Valkenburgh Pdf, Read Online Basic Electricity By Van. Basic Electricity – Van Valkenburgh – Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online. Basic intro to Electricity.

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When the current through the coil is reversed, the compass needle will also reverse its direction.

Without ammeter Ammeter connected in series with line to measure lamp current. Direction of Current Flow. For measuring currents of less than one ampere some other unit is needed.

Increasing the speed of the movement also results in a greater electron flow. If they are not marked in this manner, you must bassic an ohmmeter.


If your original current is in amperes and you want to express it in micro- amperes, the decimal point should be moved six places to the right.

The electricuty below suggests why this characteristic exists, particularly near the air gap. Review of DC Motors This influence may be exerted through contact or induction. Tapping valkenburbh lucite will cause the iron filings to line up parallel to the lines of force.

Voltage is measured by a voltmeter, which measures the current flow through a given material, called a multiplier resistor, connected in series with it.

Basic Electricity

When this meter scale indicates a current of 15 amperes, the actual current may be much greater but the meter can only indicate to its maximum range. Meters are the right hand of anyone working in electricity or electronics, so now is the time for you to find out how they operate. However, a material which is negatively charged actually has an excess of electrons. As the wire begins to heat, its atoms hold more tightly onto the outer electrons and the resistance goes up.


This proves that the magnetic field around the conductor is circular. You know that the wind, for example, provides tremendous force, yet it is invisible.

During discharge of the cell, the acid becomes weaker and both plates change chemically to lead sulfate. Leads used for this type of resistor are called pigtail leads. If you turn the bar magnet to a different position, you will feel it trying to turn back to the position where the opposite poles are as near as possible to each other.

Basic Electricity – Van Valkenburgh – Google Books

The useful minimum range of a meter never extends down to zero, but extends instead only to the point at which the reading can be distinguished from zero. Changing range for such a meter involves shunt- ing it with the appropriate shunt. The authors have provided a clear understanding of how electricity is produced, measured, controlled, and This deflection indicates that electricity is produced in the wire.

If you were to re- move the iron wire and replace it with another wire which has the same length but twice the cross-sectional area, the current flow would double. The rod is then either painted or covered by an insulating coating of ceramic. The action of the magnetic poles in attracting and repelling each other is due to the magnetic field around the magnet.

You can see this if you attach a spring to the bar magnet in such a way that the spring will have no ten- sion when the North poles of the two magnets are as close as possible to each other. Jean rated it liked it Dec 29, The resistances of other lengths and sizes of wire are compared to these 1-ohm lengths, and their resistances are expressed in ohms.


The instructor stresses the importance of correct connection of the volt- meter. Magnets are valenburgh in various shapes, sizes and strengths. Those materials which will not pass flux lines so readily, or which seem to hinder the passage of the lines, are said to have a comparatively high “reluctance” to magnetic fields.

Both types use the same color code, but the colors are painted in a differ- ent manner on each type.

The positive charges are called “protons. Electrons in the outer orbits of an atom are attracted to the nucleus by less force than electrons whose orbits are near the nucleus. When the potential difference between two charges is between one -thousandth of a volt arid one volt, the unit of measure is the millivolt; when it is between one-millionth volt and one- thousandth volt, the unit is the microvolt.

An atom does not have any glue on it, but the electric fields of the positive charges in the nucleus hold the electric fields of the outer electrons in very much the same manner.

Power and Power Factor in Parallel Galkenburgh Troubleshooting Transformer CircuitsOpen Circuits Electrons in that portion of the rod will vaklenburgh repelled and will move to the opposite end of the bar. Steel alloys containing nickel and cobalt make the best magnets and are usually used in strong magnets. The illustration shows conductors carrying cur- rent in different directions.

When two atoms of hydrogen combine with one atom of oxygen, you have a molecule of water. Using an volt voltmeter, he connects the – meter terminal to the – battery terminal.