Alankars bansuri – Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Phone (03) Mobile email: [email protected]; [email protected] ALANKAR CONTINUED. 8. SA MA – RE PA – GA DHA – MA. Here I explain and demonstrate some of the techniques used on the bansuri to make the music sound more beautiful. I have included some videos to.

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You should initially take time to think through the pattern and the articulate them. For example, you could play: I hope by now you bansudi can continue it by abnsuri, if its not coming to you then you have not done your practice properly Av: So always be bqnsuri touch of this instrument.

In other words, these are musical ornaments created to decorate a scale or a raga. Practicing to play Alankaars in Hindustani Music is bit like weight training. In part 3, I play a small piece which includes some gamak in normal playing.

The more you practice the more faster you’ll learn the art. It also arguably helps with musical creativity in that practicing various Alankaar patterns trains your brain to think musically.

Practicing Scales

This alankar should be first practiced time initially and before you start any session this can be used for warm up. For example, say you have a wonderful musical brain, but no command on the instrument, you are likely to get bogged down in reproduction of ideas, and chances are that your ideas will dry out as your mind gets preoccupied with the reproduction part of it. Unknown 21 October at For now, we are just practicing them to gain comfort with the instrument.


Your fingers should glide over the Bansuri. As you get comfortable in playing the combination in bansjri tempo, you can increase the speed further till you can really play it well in fastest possible tempo. Just like with weight training, you start with simple Alankaar combinations in banauri tempo.

Andolan, meaning alankxrs is the swing or oscillation that starts from a fixed note and touches the periphery of an adjacent note. Andrew Ktori 21 April at Unknown 8 September at And you are slankars the surs in the mind?? You should everyday do its Riyaaz Practice.

Convention used in this table is to denote notes in lower octave with a comma i. Meend is when you go from one note to the other, for example from Ni to Sa in a sliding motion with your finger.

Learn To Play Bansuri: Alankars ()

Try it absolutely for free for first 15 day. I demonstrate this in the video below.

Unknown 31 March at In the starting days you’ll also feel some dizziness if you practice for long periods. Seena rahman 21 September at Terms of Use Powered by. These tables show patterns and their articulation in Kalyan scale. It is produced on the bansuri in a similar way to the meend technique.

Raj kishor jha 2 October at Coming up with pattern and articulating it on the fly is an important part of Hindustani music. Another important thing is to try and play these patterns without referring to the articulation.

It is difficult to produce and requires a lot of practice. You literally tap the hole of the note – on and off very quickly. Can you hear how it separates the note? By saying Ta only once, twice, three times or ten.


It will do you no good. Tushar Yeolekar 27 December at While tables below provide full alankard, try to think the articulation through based on pattern. Below there are some of the alankars for your fingering practice.

In many forms of world music, composition and rendering is done by two different persons.

I have included some videos to demonstrate these, although please note that they are not perfect and I am still working very hard on all the techniques myself.

If you were to play Ni and then Sa normally, there would be a short gap alankarw the notes and the notes would sound separate. You will always depend on this blog or somewhere else to read the alankar first and then play it you wont be able to play it by yourself. When a cluster of notes played very fast and with force to decorate or embellish another note, it is called a khatka or gitkari.

For best music samples and loops on Indian Flutes visit mangoloops. These techniques require many years of pratice to perfect them. Alankars help you to set your fingers right and for fast movement of your fingers. You will also notice that your thinking in producing these patterns in your mind becomes faster.