31 Mar Autosys commands: autorep -j. checks the status of the job. sendevent -j -e. Events: STARTJOB. Following are the list of Autosys commands in unix or any other operating system. 2 Mar AutoSys CheatSheet Quick Reference. While working with AutoSys either on Windows OR Unix environment, commands are same and you.

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Submit a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. How to join this site? Means the job is inactive. To attach a tag simply click on the tags button at the bottom of any page. Autodys Handling is one of the key attribute in the software life cycle and w. Specifies the event to be sent. File does not exist or it is inaccessible. First letter g,w,m combination refers to group user and last letter x,e refers to the rights for edit e and execute x. This attribute is automatically set to the user who invoked jil or the GUI to define the job, and cannot be changed except by the edit superuser.

Listing relvant information of any job last run previous run.

AutoSys CheatSheet Quick Reference

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3. Sample jil file for command job echoJob.

The job is failed, which means the exit code is greater than zero. Meaning dependencies need to be newly satisfied before the job will run again. In addition, for jobs running on Windows machines, the event processor retrieves from the database the user IDs and passwords required to run the job on the client machine.


The job has not yet been processed. This job is removed from all conditions and logic, but is still defined to AutoSys. MicroStrategy Basic for Dummies!

Some important rules to remember about boxes are: A job can be terminated when user sends a KILL job event. At this point, the event processor resumes scanning the event server database, looking for events to process.

AutoSys CheatSheet Quick Reference

Directory that holds the executable is not in the command search PATH. Essential attributes for defining job 1. Starting from profile, shheet, start time, starting condition and so on. Aitosys autorep command pulls data from the database to formulate the reports. Whereas, all dependent jobs do not run when a job is on “on hold”—nothing downstream from this job will run.

Your email address will not be published. Cron is a job scheduler in unix based operating systems. Apurva on September 6, at 7: AutoSys is a multi-platform automated job control system that provides scheduling, monitoring, and reporting of jobs that reside on any machine connected to a network. Specifies the name of the job to which the specified event should be sent.

A short video from ca technologies explains, how application dev teams efficiently monitor and auttosys enterprise workloads, from anywhere at any time, with a customizable dashboard using CA Workload Automation DE. If it is a command or file watcher job, the value means that the process is actually running on the remote machine.


The tool keeps track of the status of every job. The remote agent starts the command specified for a given job, sends running and completion information about a task to the event server, then exits. The job is running. The socket connection is terminated. The Data Warehouse Insider.

Operationally, this condition is like deactivating the job. Jobs run only once per box execution. If the event is a STARTJOB event, the job definition and attributes are retrieved from the Event Server, including the command and the pointer full path name on the client machine to the profile file to be used for the job.

Find out what you can do. Cron is controlled by a crontab file, a config file that defines shell commands to run cyclically on a specified schedule. By default, a box will return a sheeet of SUCCESS only when all the jobs in the box have run and the status of all the jobs is “success.

If you want to check the job definition history changes in AutoSys, then you can acieve it using autorep command below.