The following virtual classroom courses for AutoPIPE are now scheduled. Live training in a virtual classroom setting complements on-demand. AutoPIPE Training. Please contact us for upcoming dates and locations. AutoPIPE Introductory CourseAutoPIPE Training Advanced Course. AutoPIPE Designer (V8i – English) The Bentley AutoPIPE V8i Designer learning path is the recommended progression of professional development for.

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Users will be sent an introduction email to the class about a week prior to the scheduled date, with any required traiing tutorial, dataset and information about how to login to the virtual classroom.

Users would have to pay for the instructor travel expenses, along with the training fees. Learn how to do some basic model building for a simple model with anchors, supports, and expansion loops.

AutoPIPE Training

See Website link here for details on next Live training classes schedule. Earthquake, Wind and Nonlinear Analysis. Filter the results to just those items of interest, i. Share History More Cancel. Plant Engineer; Structural Engineer. Attend a Bentley Seminar.

Bentley Institute learning can be personalized to fit any business requirement, ensuring you fully maximize on the core competencies needed to establish a competitive advantage.

In this course, you will create anchors, supports, and expansion loops. About Lonadek Lonadek is a firm of Consultants with a passion and desire to implement and develop Local Content in a manner that adds value to all stakeholders. Learn More about Learning Certificates. Live training courses are very interactive. Applies To Product s: Service Ticket may needs to be trainin to the Bentley Institute. Upload your course video now. Learn how to model nozzle flexibility, cut short and trunnion supports.


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In this course, you will model and solve pipe stress analysis problems. This module introduces AutoPIPE capabilities and V8i enhancements, supported piping codes, and autoopipe differences between the three different version of the program. Fabrication Drawing and 3D Model Generation.

Tutorial – Training – Distance Learning – etc… options with Bentley AutoPIPE

It has the benefit of having an instructor working with users hands on and focusing on the rraining a specific group may do. In this course, you will determine the stress level and interaction of pressure loads on a pipe after adding various components. Tutorial – Training – Trainung Learning – etc Troubleshooting access to Bentley on-demand courses. The goal is to have videos available for all classes, which is what we are working on.

As a group of technical consultants, we have developed our core competencies in the areas of Local Content Consultancy, Recruitment and Placement of Skilled Personnel in the oil and gas industry. AutoPipe Training Bentley Phone: User should have mechanical, structural or plant engineering experience.

Supplier/Trainer Info

Analyzing submerged pipe and determining the force on piping systems due to water interaction 3. There will also be an assessment available for the user to make sure the training content was understood. Expansion Loop and Frame In this course, you will create anchors, supports, and expansion loops. Contact Trainer Contact the Course Organizer To inquire about this wutopipe, complete the form below to send a message to the course organizer. These videos will be broken down into 15 minute or less section, focusing taining specific topics.


This is great for training larger groups from one company. Nozzle Flexibility In this course, you will model nozzle flexibility, cut shorts, and trunnion supports.

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Bentley Institute Establish a sustainable competitive edge. Our goal is to ensure that locals and indigenous companies develop themselves and utilise tested systems, processes and procedures to deliver quality goods and services in the Gulf of Guinea and the world.

There are several piping code specific classes offered by ASME that would be beneficial to the student prior to taking this course.

The Bentley Institute provides learning programs for every schedule and budget allowing for continuous skills improvement that ultimately increases productivity, project quality, and profitability.

In this course, you will define augopipe and hangers.