Operating manual for remote control unit VR 90 _ 2. 1 Notes on the of the auroMATIC and VRC modular bus con-. Installation instructions Mixer module VR 60 _ 2. Contents. 1. Notes on the documentation. . of the auroMATIC or VRC controllers and. Find great deals for Vaillant Solar System Regulator auroMATIC / VRS /3 . Shop with Picture 1 of 4; Picture 2 of 4; Picture 3 of 4; Picture 4 of 4.

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Storey 1 2 Hand-over to the operator A few comments regarding this: When a circulation pump is used, hot water is always sent from the cylinder to the individual draw-off auro,atic during the preset timer programme in order to ensure that the hot water is provided as quickly as possible.

Combi storage tanks are suitable for the combination of drinking water heating and heating assistance. Only the activated actuator is active; all the other actuators are “switched off” at this time.

Aurmoatic Off 0 min Table 7. The solar gain is displayed in kWh for each month of the current year black barscompared to the previous year unfilled bars. In the temperature difference increases, the activation duration is increased e. This transports the heated solar fluid to the point of measurement airomatic quickly. This function is performed independently for each collector array.


Volume flow measuring unit The volume flow measuring unit is used for recording the volume flow in the solar circuits and for precise determination of the solar gain.

auroMATIC – Busmodular control system for solar supported heating – Vaillant

The result should look like this: Settable parameters Description Setting audomatic Factory setting Code Number The access code consists of four auromatjc which are set Preventing illness The controller is furnished with an anti-Legionella function to protect from infection by germs Legionella.

Phone You can store a telephone number in the display, which will be automatically displayed when servicing is due. The solar gain is reset to zero and will be recalculated from this point onwards.

Material damage caused by high temperatures! Mains connection terminals L and N remain live even if the boiler main switch is turned off!

Vaillant Solar System Regulator auroMATIC 620 / VRS 620/3

Greater heating comfort and a more practical operating mode is achieved when all rooms in an apartment are heated uniformly and in accordance with their usage. The graphic display shows a graphic of the state of the installation or the solar gain. The boiler must not be disconnected from the mains.

If this setting is not sufficient to control the temperature in the living space to the owner’s wishes, the heating curve can be adjusted. Timer programs is always shown in the second line of the display. Adjacent rooms are aufomatic heated without regulation by the enclosing surfaces of the room, i.


The menus in the Operator level are identified with a number at the top right e.

When you turn the right hand knob, you set a parameter. You can only activate the holiday programme in the operating modes Auto and Eco. If the symbol is displayed after the operating mode no time window is active.

Vaillant Solar System Regulator auroMATIC / VRS /3 | eBay

The controller shows the graphic display automatically after a period of no operation min. No settings are necessary.

The operating mode of the connected heating circuits, hot water circuits and circulation pump is changed when you actuate the switch, depending auromagic the setting in the C9 menu.

If parallel cylinder charging is activated, the mixing circuits continue to be supplied during the cylinder heating procedure, i. When using a circulation pump, hot water is sent from the cylinder to the individual draw-off points during the preset timer programme.

Specific designations differentiate, e. This is followed by two additional time windows.