14 Jul Attahiyat dua is an Arabic prayer recited in Namaz, read Attahiyat Arabic text with translation & transliteration in English, there are many duas in. The Tashahhud (Arabic: تَشَهُّد ), meaning the testimony of faith, also known as Attahiyat) is the . After the last rakʿah, the Zaidi recite the Tashahhud in its full formula: Bismillahi wa Billahi wa alhamdulillahi wal-asmā`ul-husna kulluhā lillahi . 14 Feb Attahiyyaat is a very important ‘Dua’ we repeat it in our daily prayers. Attahiyat is actually a part of conversation between Our Creator Allah.

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However, should anyone start talking during this time, it is also not permissible that he be asked to keep quiet.

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Top Blog at WordPress. Buga Bashir December 2, at When you see anyone doing something wrong, ask him not to do so, quietly and softly.

Profession of faith Prayer Fasting Alms-giving Pilgrimage. It is obvious that its repugnance while standing for Salah increase much more.


It also appears in the Sunan of al-Bayhaqi. Women should not stand on legs absolutely straight, instead, they should stand with knees slightly bent forward. You are commenting using your WordPress. Emtyaz July 18, at 2: Recite the whole Surah al-Fatihah in this manner. Reciting a prayer called “At-Tahiyaat” or “Tashahud” during the Salat to commemorate Prophets Muhammad and Abraham and their families and friends!


The recitation is followed by an invocation of attahiayt blessings and peace upon the prophet known as Salawat or Darood. One should sit with arabid on the thighs during both.

With this need in view, this humble write had explained to a gathering the Sunnah adabic of Salah as mentioned by the Hanafi jurists and had pointed out to incorrect practices which seem to have gained currency. It is better to do so in Nafl Salah. If you peruse the Sunni books of hadith, you will find variant wordings for the tashahhud.

Read Attahiyat Dua In Arabic With English Translation & Transliteration

Specially, both their knees should just about be joined together. If space is open in the front row, it is not permissible to stand in the back row.

I bear witness that Muhammad peace be upon him is his slave and Messenger. Aslam May 28, at 7: Recite the next verse with fresh breath.


Peace be on us and on all righteous slaves of Allah. Women should stand with both feet close together. Until such time that the knees have come to rest against the floor, abstain, as far as possible, from bending or lowering the upper part of the body.


While doing Sajdah, the method prescribed for men is that they should not lower their chest until such time that their knees come to rest on the floor. Salah For Women The method of Salah describe earlier is for men. Mazhar Shaikh June 10, at 6: Some women ih scarfs so thin or small that their hair tresses are visible dangling down underneath. If you have to offer Sunnah or Nafl Salah in the Masjid, select a spot where there is the least likelihood of people crossing in front of you.

This way the obligation of Sajdah is not liquidated at all, as a result, the Salah too becomes invalid. Wa Qina Adhaaban Naar. Don’t praise me for practicing my Deen.

Raise your hands upto your ears in a way that palms face Qiblah and the end of the thumbs either touch the lobes of the ears or come parallel to them. Attahiyat Dua – Onlinetaleem http: