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Sort of a triumph of failing, really. And second, as curator of Endurance: Drawing upon previously unavailable sources, Caroline Alexander gives us a riveting account of Shackleton’s expedition–one of history’s greatest epics of survival.

I listened to this book on audio, which meant I missed out on the pictures thought I will remedy that shortly. It eventually sank and the twenty-eight member crew was forced to travel to an island where they knew there would be whal Heather Stewart Informational Wow! A new obsession of mine is locating an archive print of Hurley’s work. I could have used a chart or a dramatis personae. His team never made ek to land because of the pack ice that built up around the coast.

Miraculously, all twenty-eight men survived. We had reached the naked soul of man. Plus she included more pictures.

I know for a fact I would not have survived the journey. Huelo review has hirlo hidden because it contains spoilers. Gorgeous photos illustrating an amazing story of exploration and survival, made all the more amazing because they all survive. There have been a lot of books on the Shackleton expedition – including Alfred Lansing’s classic Endurance: In Augustdays before the outbreak of the First World War, the renowned explorer Ernest Shackleton and a crew of twenty-seven set sail for the South Atlantic in pursuit of the last unclaimed prize in the history of exploration: I should create a new shelf called i-would-have-died.

Saw this exhibit at the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem when the book came out. The author Caroline Alexander brings this account of perseverance, courage, and the indomitable, adventurous spirit of the Shackleton Expedition into the nerve fibers of the reader, who is able to become an adventurer without ever leaving his armchair.


This books is another telling of Shackelton’s most famous expedition including lots of rare photos. Heather Stewart Informational Wow!

They drifted on the currents for hundred of miles before the ship was crushed by the ice in Octoberthen camped on ice floes, crossed open ocean in lifeboats, and endured storms, starvation, hypothermia, and frostbite. Shackleton’s Incredible Voyage – but this is an absolutely outstanding addition to that list, for at least two excellent reasons.

This was such a great read and what made it even better was her partnership with a national archive so that she could include the photos taken on the actual expedition.

It is a worthy complement to Lansing’s “Endurance” and contains a great deal more detail on some situations, interpersonal relations and the psychological impact on the men who went through this incredible experience – all stuff that Lansing tactfully omits. The subjects she chooses are compelling and her writing is evocative.

Atrapados En El Hielo

Not only is Caroline Alexander’s text beautiful be the aldxander are just stunning. If this was made into a movie at least five of them would die because “drama” or whatever.

As I read the account, I felt humbled by the thought that I wl never have survived the ordeal; indeed, with the increased pulse rate and nervous anxiety I experienced by simply reading of the trials and tribulations of the crew bringing me to about the limit of my endurance, what would I have done had I actually been a member of that historic and famous ship so appropriately named “The Endurance?

As a big fan of Alfred Lansing’s version of the story, I had to read this one too. Weaving a treacherous path through the freezing Weddell Sea, they had come within eighty-five miles of their destination when their ship, Endurance, was trapped fast in the ice alexader. To ask other readers questions about Atrapados En El Hieloplease sign up. I was in no way an adventurer like Shackleton but my expereince in the high latitudes gave me a real appreciation of the extremes of Earth.


The photos taken on the expedition included in the book are amazing. ell

Atrapados En El Hielo by Caroline Alexander (5 star ratings)

Return to Book Page. He did not accomplish what he set out to do.

Everyone should know this story about a man who saved his crew, against all odds. This was similar to other books I’ve read on the subject all working from the same diaries but offers some new information. For some reason, I find myself obsessed with books about Antarctic and Arctic exploration in the final years before radio and telegraph.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Neither party expected the other to survive, but unbelievably, both sides did survive and were rescued.

View all 4 comments. The book offers less background than Lansing’s book on the same subject, but more information about what happened after South Georgia. Sh I’ve had this book on my list for years ever since I read Ms. The accompanying photographs—remarkable in themselves for surviving a journey in an open lifeboat and months buried in snow—help bring the story to life.

If you ha I recently read Nick Bertozzi’s graphic novel on Shackleton and the Endurance and was wanting to read a more thorough story on it.

The book reads like a thriller, in the mold of ‘The Day of the Jackal’. They never reached th On 5 Decembera ship, aptly named The Endurance, set out from South Georgia Island in the South Atlantic with twenty-eight men aboard—sailors, scientists, explorers, and a photographer.