‘ATHMA VIDYA VILASA’ OF AVADHOOTHA .. describing the splendor of Atma vidya everyday, will grow mature in the wisdom of the supreme. [Advaita-l] Atma Vidya Vilasa – mp3 audio. Ravi Kiran ravikiranm at . Wed Jul 13 CDT Previous message: [Advaita-l] Dvaita Accepts. Swamini Lalitananda has joined hands with Sri. Omananda Swamiji in a noble undertaking. Together they are raising funds to house, feed and educate over.

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[Advaita-l] Atma Vidya Vilasa – mp3 audio

Practices like meditation, rituals, worship etc. He engrosses in Brahman and his mind will become one with Atman, and enjoys the universe, without desires,ambitions and without work. Brahman lies like a dagger in the sheath. But only who has tamed the mind with the mind can become a Brhama Jnani.

He shines supreme enjoying, as Existence Knowledge Bliss, with the blemish of egoism gone, with his mind quite calm and composed, and with his thoughts cool and pleasant like the full moon. He is neither provable or disprovable.

The Jnani is thus fearless and in his Presence no one else can also have fear. He is Supreme Bliss.

He wanders in the streets of the town, as a dead log. He is like a lamp, steadily burning in a breeze less atmosphere.

There the young Shivarama came under the influence of what were renowned as the triumvirate of Bhajana tradition viz.

The Vedas describe That like this: He is the One Perfect Bliss in everything. He is said to be in ‘Unmani’ state, the state in which he has found the ruby in his Heart, wherefrom nectar is flowing.


He enjoys Bhumanda, that is all pervasiveness of Brahman and enjoys eternal bliss. He is totally unconcerned and just enjoys actions as a Non Entity. Make hundred parts of it. The Jnani is alike a fattened elephant, deserted by all the other animals in the jungle and moves about freely and climbs the mountains at his will.

A number of stories and myths grew around his mystical powers. Pluck one hair from the tuft. He pervades in all objects, including trees. This book of 43 slokas is about the state of a Self Realized person.

The Jnani with his silence, as yoga, mudra and namaskara,stay at the river bund, immersing in meditation and enjoys Samadhi. The Jnani who has realized that only truthful thought is Brahman, can go to any world, lokas,as he pleases.

He has no movement. This is the supreme utterance of the Avadhuta, purified by meditation And merged in the sameness of the Supreme Being. Since he has annihilated the mind, he stands only as a Spectator, a Witness, a Sakshi, for all things happening around him.

He is bound by ignorance,even though he is all Knowledge. The Jnani has no such ‘samskara’ – ‘must happenings in the present birth’. Even the present objects, he will not see with any special intention. The good Sannyasin is unique, rejoicing at will in the vilassa regions of incomparable Bliss, with his heart’s passions completely cooled by its proximity to the surging vi,asa of Grace flowing from his good teacher, Guru. The King of Sannyasins rests alone, rooted in Self and enjoying the inner Bliss.

He is blooming without impurities, without the consciousness of day and night. He wished to die with those verses ringing in his ears. Like a sperm and an ovum, before oraganogenesis, he has no worry and anxiety, ever free from fear and sorrow. They are asked to show ‘mudras’ – hand posture, to the divine will.


His mind is ever balanced, tranquil and suddha, pure. He dispels the ignorance of the seekers and reveals Brahman, in his own form.

The great Muni shines in the ethereal region of Chit Vishnupadathe fit abode of the Gods, a spotless moon which causes the blue lilies to bloom and the moonlight of whose wisdom dispels ignorance.

Thus the whole universe, regardless of objects, is pervded with Consciousness.


The man who knows the Self accepts as a rosary the rows of blue lily flowers in lonely places and as a divine healing herb kalpavalli the absence of carnal desire and as magic vilzsa of immortality, in the absence of egoism. People calling him with various names, have not understood him!

He is above pride and pleasure, and he never enjoys any fleeting joys. He could be a sanyasi or a householder; he could wear clothes or could be naked.

Atma vidya vilasa | sreenivasarao’s blogs

Having got rid of the blindness of illusion, he is able to ‘see’ and he become ‘the seer’. He is immersed in Brahman and in that intoxication is motionless. Sri Sadasiva Brahmendra,is a Brahma Jnani, who was walking on the fields and towns,without any dress.

Having renounced all, he moves about naked.

He becomes the Sat-Chit-Ananda. He is liberated with Brahma Jnana and this Jnana is described as different from dhyana and vignana.