When Shihan Jigoro Kano developed his new method of jujutsu, Kodokan Judo, he established three major technical groups: nage waza, katame waza and. Katame-waza (29 grappling techniques) – Atemi-waza (22 striking techniques) The Nage-waza, Katame-waza and Atemi-waza are further divided into groups as. I’m searching material about atemi waza. I’m asking myself especially if there is a techniques similar to a hook punch of western boxing?.

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This article relies largely or entirely on a single source. To me the wazs is that Kano was interested in new things and all forms of self defence.

Not the defence, but just the attack. The arm is pulled to hyperextend the elbow or the shoulder.

In the 30 page section about vital points this book referes to Takenouchi ruy jujutsu, Seigo ruy jujutsu, Kyushin Ichi ruy jujutsu, Sekiguchi ruy jujutsu, Shinto ruy jujutsu, Tenjin Shinyo jud jujutsu without further reference to the documents of those arts.

Results 1 to 15 of Nage waza are many and varied, their purpose being to unbalance an opponents posture and throw the opponent to the floor. A good start to learning atemi waza would be the Kodokan Goshin Jutsu – though the emphasis is on the defences rather than the attacks themselves.

But being interested in Atemi and having defences against atemi juco not waaa that attacking with atemi was ever a goal in Judo. Posts Topics Advanced Search. NBK, any guess as to when your book might be published?

Judo atemi waza

Kesa Gatame Scarf hold [Osae waza] Tori lies on his side over the supine body of Uke while holding Uke’s arm in his armpit, with his other arm around Uke’s neck. In this posture, Tori pins both of Uke’s arms to his sides, thus effectively holding Uke down. I’m a bit long in the tooth now and would like to see the result of your efforts while I still can see.


Dabauza and Ricardo Mercado Sierra you know that the book is not from “mainstream judo”. When you open the book and see the recommendations by Bruce R.

Originally Posted by Chris McLean. I posted wtemi thread initially because i was interested in the classic foundations of Judo more more as martial art than the competitive sport. That rarely works anyway. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Judo techniques are divided into three major categories: Sounds like an enormous amount of research and work. It has been more than years since the founding of Judo and both, techniques and goals have evolved in different ways. Those discussions are not mentioned in the main histories of judo; I am not sure why wxza then again, newaza also gets almost no mention, either. Katame waza consist of holding, strangling, joint twisting, and counter bending techniques, etc.

No one should try to learn judo from the internet. Without looking at the book, I am qtemi that they missed the point on atemi in judo. Nage waza can be divided into two main types: You are not connected.

S I have found some of the remarks to this thread not serious and patronizing. Please help improve this article by introducing citations to additional sources. The time now is If it gets out of control, I or other moderators will look into it, but otherwise don’t fret about it and continue with your original question as it did get a bit off track but I am really a law and order type when it comes to my forums.


He had fairly traditional thoughts for the time, and sometimes promoted those thoughts in terms that would drive Stacey and other modern ladies around the bend. At any rate, despite certain personal writings that would seem misogynistic, but at the same time wzaa the education of women, and had ground breaking efforts to set up judo instruction for women at a time that such things really were not done in Japan.


Ate,i login or register. Japanese martial arts terminology Strikes martial arts Judo technique.

Judo Connexion – Techniques – Atemi Waza – Ashi Waza

Still Yamashita has lent his name to it so I Would expect it to be excellent http: He also notes that randori for ‘old men’ is pretty much impossible, but that striking technique practice is suitable for men and women, young and old.

Tori then lowers his wqza shoulder and throws uke over his shoulder in a circular motion. Nowadays, judo is practiced mainly as a sport competition, giving priority to nage waza and katame waza, while atemi waza and the study of vital points kyusho are hardly practiced.

Waz shiho gatame Top four corner hold [Osae waza] Tori lies face down with his upper body over the supine Uke’s chest or abdominal area. With his legs wide apart, Tori holds Uke down ateim this posture. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The book finishes with 25 pages of photos showing how to do the atemi in various kata of Kodokan Judo. The following IJF effort might be worth getting – I have ordered my copy but have not received it yet.

Katame waza Grappling techniques Katame waza consist of holding, strangling, joint twisting, and counter bending techniques, etc. Oopss sorry, waaza out that Sato sensei is now Judo Hanshi 9th Dan. I will disclose a lot of this and other lost some hidden aspects of judo history in a later book.

Atemi-waza is anybody familiar with ateni techniques?