The salt spray (or salt fog) test is a standardized and popular corrosion test method, used to ASTM B was the first internationally recognized salt spray standard, originally published in Other important relevant standards are. Designation: B – 07a Standard Practice for Operating Salt Spray (Fog) Apparatus1 This standard is issued under the?xed designation B. ASTM B Testing, also known as a Standard Practice for Operating Salt ASTM B Testing requires controls over many operational parameters such as: .

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This standard has been approved for use by agencies of the Department of Defense. Users of this standard are expressly advised that determination of the validity of any such patent wstm, and the risk of infringement of such rights, are entirely their own responsibility.

The distribution of the salt fog inside the test chamber has to be regularly checked.

Salt spray test – Wikipedia

Originally approved in Results are represented generally as testing hours in NSS without appearance of corrosion products e. However, in order to obtain reliable results additional requirements must be met. The company was founded in and from the very beginning it started working on innovative design concepts for test chambers. ASTM does not address this issue, but ISO b117-007a not recommend it and if it is to be done, advocates a thorough cleaning.

These acidified test solutions generally have a pH of 3.

Walk-in chambers are usually constructed with a sloping ceiling. Position the collectors in the proximity of the test specimens, one nearest to any nozzle and the other farthest from all nozzles. The controls allow for the normalization of test conditions during repeated running of the test and will also allow comparisons of test results from different repeats of the same test.


Salt Spray Test Chambers.

salt spray test, ASTM B, corrosion tests

Practice B and Practice G 85 are considered to be most useful in estimating the relative behavior of closely related materials in marine atmospheres, since it simulates the basic conditions with some acceleration due to either wetness or temperature, or both. In this connection it is well to point out that Practice B is not applicable to the study or testing of decorative chromium plate nickel-chromium on steel or on zinc-base die castings or of cadmium plate on steel. Suitable apparatus which may be used is described in Appendix X1.

No, VLM has own development and production facilities for corrosion testing equipment.

The conditions of making the scratch shall be as de? Note 6 This air should be maintained at a sufficient pressure at the base of the Air Saturator Tower to meet the suggested pressures of Table 2 at the top of the Air Saturator Tower. Testing cabinets are manufactured according to the specified requirements here.

Pending a complete understanding of air-pressure effects, and so forth, it is important that the nozzle selected shall produce the desired condition when operated at the air pressure selected. Room air may be compressed, heated, humidi? Exhaust at opposite side of test space from spray nozzle Item 12but preferably in combination with drain, asttm trap, and forced draft waste pipe Items 16, 17, and These standards describe the necessary information to carry out this test; testing parameters such as temperature, air pressure of the sprayed solution, preparation of the spraying solution, concentration, pHetc.


Please find more details at www. The distribution of the sstm fog inside the test chamber has to be regularly checked.

The salt spray test has little application in predicting how materials or surface coatings will resist corrosion in the real-world, because it does not create, replicate or accelerate real-world corrosive conditions. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This climate is maintained under constant steady state conditions.

Preparation of Test Specimens 6. Conditions in the Salt Spray Chamber Options for corrosion chambers. For example, a typical electroplated zinc and yellow passivated steel part lasts 96 hours in salt spray test without white rust. Place the panels in the proximity of the condensate collectors.

Variations to the salt spray test solutions depend upon the materials to be tested. All other water will be referred to as reagent grade. The salt spray test is one of the most widespread and long established corrosion tests. However, in order to obtain reliable results additional requirements must be met.

SaliCORR® ASTM B117 Sodium Chloride 5 kg bags

All necessary material for determining corrosiovity test panels, chemicals and other accessories you can buy in our webshop. Construction of a plastic nozzle, such as is furnished by several suppliers, is shown in Fig. Salt spray testing is an accelerated corrosion test that produces a corrosive attack to coated samples in order to evaluate mostly comparatively the suitability of asm coating for use as a protective finish.