Jan Assmann. Moses the Egyptian: The Memory of Egypt in Western Monotheism . Cambridge: Harvard University Press. Pp. x, Moses the Egyptian has 89 ratings and 11 reviews. the quintessential subject for the innovative historiography Jan Assmann both defines and practices in this . played out in the debates about Jan Assmann’s work, particularly since the publi- cation of Moses the Egyptian: The Memory of Egypt in Western Monotheism.

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It was interesting to read about possibly the egpytian monotheist, Akhenaton, and how his religion and what happened after it from plagues was the starting point of the concept of “other” in religion.

Posted July 4, at 9: Egyptology abandons its positivist bias and returns to interpretation after too long away.

Moses the Egyptian: The Memory of Egypt in Western Monotheism by Jan Assmann

Rumyana rated it it was amazing Feb 21, You are a Biblical monotheist, an admirer of Jews, Christians, and Muslims at their absolute Taliban worst, and an opponent of modernity insofar as it contradicts your Biblical monotheism.

If all the gods just represent one God, why not just worship the one God? Islam has struggled with this more sometimes claiming the decrees are good because God said them — which leaves the Good behind in favor of Power as the ultimate value.


It egypian show you what many people won’t talk about: By demonstrating that these alternate foundations have long been part of the Judeo-Christian tradition, Assmann makes such sweeping reform almost plausible.

Sherine Hamdy – – Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics 34 2: John Peter Kenney; Jan Assmann. I am a Traditionalist, meaning a pagan, meaning a believer in the transcendent unity of religions, which is incompatible with the monotheism of the Biblical counter-religions.

The idea of creation ex nihilo means that creatures are not identical with God but merely depend upon God for their existence. Both are just counter-religions, i. Any honest, Orthodox Jew will admit that Christianity and Judaism are opposing concepts. Join Our Egptian List: All we are Egyptian!!!

With the Mosaic distinction the claim of exclusive truth gives rise to religious intolerance and violence.

Moses the Egyptian: The Memory of Egypt in Western Monotheism

And yes, the Traditionalists in such circumstances need to deal with the parochialism of those who do not see that heaven is so merciful that it provided several avenues for salvation.

To account for the complexities of the foundational event through which monotheism was established, Moses the Egyptian goes back to the short-lived monotheistic revolution of the Egyptian king Akhenaten — B.

With a Platonic dash, Lings tells us that the gardens here below are only a poor reflection of the that Garden that awaits us. After completing his habilitation inhe was named a professor of Egyptology at the University of Heidelberg inwhere he taught until his retirement in As such, he is the quintessential subject for the innovative historiography Jan Assmann both defines and practices in this work, the study of historical memory–a study, in this case, of the ways in which factual and fictional events and characters are stored in religious beliefs and transformed in their philosophical justification, literary reinterpretation, philological restitution or falsificationand psychoanalytic demystification.


He sees monotheism as a counter-religion.

Moses the Egyptian — Jan Assmann | Harvard University Press

James Field – – Critical Horizons 11 1: Edward Lear is an apt character to think about at Christmas-time. Trivia About Moses the Egyptia Xavier Alexandre rated it liked it Jan 17, I believe in religious pluralism and tolerance of every religion that reciprocates the gesture, that is.

At least in my case, paganism is more of an attitude and life project towards fulfilling an ideal. Slavery after Rome, — Posted June 29, at 5: Traditionalism can only embrace Biblical monotheism by denaturing it, i.

Quinn Quintilian Edouard Rix C. His article almost reads like a piece of the Order of the Nine Angles. Adopting the theory that god is within all men makes all men equally holy.