ISTITUTO DI PSICOSINTESI. fondato da Roberto Assagioli Contact · Psychosynthesis in the World: network problems and prospectives (R. Assagioli – )). Permessi ulteriori: pagina Info © Istituto di Psicosintesi. Tutti i diritti riservati. Contents licensed under Creative Commons BY-NC-ND License. More permissions. [NOTE: The following description of the life and work of Dr. Roberto Assagioli was Assagioli by Piero Ferrucci et al Centro di Studi di Psicosintesi.

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We try to build an elevator which will allow a person access to every level of his personality. One of our goals is to assess psychosynthesis tools more deeply and widely, in order to address the challenges that threaten the Planet.

Connecting, questioning, envisioning, planning, sharing will be the keywords of our work. Log in Remember me Forgot password.

AAP Home Return to top of page. There is the accepting will, yielding will, the dedicated will. Assagioli did not like to discuss his personal life, as he preferred to be remembered for his scientific work. Many links were created between centers of psychosynthesis in different countries and continents and we feel that the time has come to taste the fruits from the first crop harvested after the germination of the seeds that were sown, and to reflect upon the paths of the goals along the evolution of Humanity.

Trained in psychoanalysis but unsatisfied by what he regarded as its incompleteness as a whole, Assagioli felt that love, wisdom, creativity, and will all were important components that should be included in psychoanalysis.

Link to Voice of Roberto Assagioli assagioi a short excerpt. Casa Assagioli is where the founder of Pyschosynthesis lived and worked for many years and where collaborators and people from all over the world came to visit him. And we will assaggioli the will in a central position at the heart of self-consciousness or the Ego.

Group-awareness seems to be vital in order to survive the turmoil and peril of the Earth. How precious is the Earth to us? We intend to continue with the interesting experience of the Co-creative Groups, introducing a new sector on “The Advancement of Things New”, and we propose a series of wssagioli along which to develop relations and Group work.


He found joy in his own Self and the Self he could see in everyone else. By the age of 18, he had learned eight different languages, namely Italian his native tongueEnglishFrenchRussianGreekLatinGermanand Sanskrit. Now held in the Archivio Assagioli in Florence and curated by Gruppo alle Fonti, the manuscript was never completed. Very few biographical accounts on the life of Assagioli are available, and most are not written in English.

He also contributed to several spiritual groups in the tradition known as the Ageless Wisdom. Powered by Wild Apricot Membership Software. However, Assagioli disagreed with theories formulated by Sigmund Freud that he considered limiting.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. And here we come to one of the central foundations of Psychosynthesis: He used his time in prison to exercise his mental will by meditating daily. Both Jung and myself have stressed the need for a person to develop the higher psychic functions, the spiritual dimension. Accommodation is not included in your registration fee.

The material in these archives and the library will be available to participants for consultation and study.

In the human condition there are frequent conflicts between desire and will. It feels as if the moment is right to acquire more awareness of being part of a greater energetic movement initiated by Roberto Assagioli, to feel that as Psychosynthesis practitioners or friends we belong to only one individuality which expresses the intuition of Roberto Assagioli in many different ways, but the Oneness lies in its essence.

Who was there to hear such a large and balanced statement? It was a climate of communication where words find their place later, while something like a current was developing between us. Of his personal goodness, his patient understanding of co-workers, students, and clients, his brilliant and seasoned wisdom, his compassion and selfless giving of himself in service to others — much could be said. Assagioli is famous for developing and founding the science of Psychosynthesis, a spiritual and holistic approach to psychology that had developed from psychoanalysis.

In one of his letters Freud said, “I am interested only in the basement of the human being. Contact Psychosynthesis in the World: He continued his work on Psychosynthesis right up until his death.


Facilitators of the meeting: He was never alone, of course. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. There will be no translation.

Roberto Assagioli

This conception he called psychosynthesis. He refused to accept Freud’s reductionism and neglect of the positive dimensions of the personality. Archived from the original on This alone would, and did, make him noteworthy. He was born under the name Roberto Marco Gregoson of Elena Kaula and Leone Greco; however his biological father died when Assagioli was two years old and his mother remarried to Alessandro Emanuele Assagioli soon afterward. Moreover, he wanted this integrative approach to be practical — not merely an understanding of how we live, but an aid in helping us live better, more fully, according to the best that is within each of us.

Confirmation of registration will reach you after payment. There, in fact, as many of you will remember, the psychosynthesis community felt the urge to re-unite and recognize itself, and we witnessed this through the astonishing number of different contributions from so many psychosynthetists that came from all over the world. In the December issue of Psychology Today[4] Assagioli was interviewed by Sam Keenin which Assagioli discussed the differences between Freudian psychoanalysis and Psychosynthesis:.

He concluded that he was able to change his punishment into an opportunity to investigate his inner-Self.

Roberto Assagioli – Association for the Advancement of Psychosynthesis

He found joy in the psiocsintesi of beauty, of art, of ideas, of service; of science, of nature. The group has been involved with Casa Assagioli since and is responsible for preserving and cataloguing material in the archives and library of Roberto Assagioli.

The cause of his death was unknown.