There’s a reason for the challenge. The Symfony project offers a tutorial modeled after the advent calendar: 1 exercise per day for 24 days ( This example also shows one handy symfony link helper: link_to_unless() will output a regular link_to() if the test given as the first argument is. A lot of developers learned symfony thanks to askeet, and many companies still use askeet as their main training material. But the askeet tutorial started to show.

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This means that with a single sfTestBrowser object, you can require several pages one after the other, and they will be considered as part of a single session by the framework. This includes installation of symfony, creation of an application, and web server configuration. The user ‘fabpot’ logs in, displays the tktorial page of questions to access the only one he’s not interested in so far, then clicks the ‘interested? And we did it. The page should look something like this.

Thanks for the advise. Some of them were quite simple and they took me 15 minutes. Tugorial I want to generate my project, it tells me that I must be in a symfony project directory. When the user is not authenticated, the link on the ‘interested?

Web applications are not all about objects tutoril behave more or less like functions.

Without these concerns taken into account, the examples are much less useful. We futorial see later on how to change the settings for an environment. This action must create a new record in the Interest table for the current question and the current user.

symfony framework forum • View topic – askeet tutorial errors

So for now, we will erase these files and work on our own test cases. The overview of these tools – and the addition of a few unit tests to askeet – will take much of our time today. Thanks to symfony default structure of files and directories, any developer with some symfony knowledge can take over the maintenance of any symfony project. This tutorial has proven to be an invaluable tool to promote the framework to newcomers.


But even without writing a single line of code, you will start understanding the benefits of using a framework like symfony, tutoril by bootstrapping a new project.

For instance, to do the simple unit test about question detail, create the following file called testQuestion. The User module also gains a vote action and a voteSuccess. However, we corrected a few bugs and added one or two features that make askeet even easier to use like a better tutorjal page and voting thumbs showing the answers you already voted on.

This should change shortly an alpha version addressing this problem is availablebut unfortunately the rest of this tutorial will probably not work if you have a later version.

Unit tests are one of the greatest advances in programming since object orientation. But there is a thing that has not been described until now, despite its importance in the life of web applications. That’s right, we will do it again.

That’s why it is also a good practice to run all unit tests before deploying a new realease of an application in production – tutoriwl is called regression testing. Open this fragment again, add a link to allow users to declare their interest: If you remember the day foura question can be displayed in the lists of questions and in the detail of a question.

Thanks again for your great work. They are a developer tool, and as such, they should be run in the developer’s computer, not in the host server. The domain name jobeet.

Askeet tutorial updated to 0.6

If you are confused, take a look at what the integration of the fragment in the templates will render:. Martin said on Dec 3, at Web tests have to use a front controller, and as such can use a specific environment i. GaryFx said on Dec 2, at Lille France March 1 It declares which action must be requested when a user clicks on the link here: If you have created it somewhere under the web root directory of your web server, you can already access the project in a web browser.


So the number of interested users about the current question will be magically incremented on screen after the call of the action. The code in the SVN trunk and the site itself have been updated with these changes. I know symfony2 is much better.

What makes an environment unique?

Askeet tutorial updated to (Symfony Blog)

As Selenium tests run in a real browser, they also allow you to test browser inconsistencies. There are askeey number of fundamental changes between the two series. Unit testing can also be used to avoid regression. To find which one it is, you will need to remove them one at at time to see when the test passes.

With the example above, you would write an empty Tag:: But thanks to the Firefox Selenium extension, all it takes to create a test is to execute the test once in a recorded session. PHP was one of the first languages dedicated to the web and one of the easiest to learn. Under “Web Server Setup: If the base of data manipulation in the web has long been forms, today the AJAX techniques and usability enhancements can change the way an application is built.

The first test case that we will implement concerns the Tag:: The extensive list of the assert methods can be found in the Simple Test documentation.

But the quick answer is to set up a Subversion repository directory e.

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