The late author Arysio Santos was a highly regarded climatologist, geologist, and In this groundbreaking study of Atlantis, he draws on all these disciplines. The late author Arysio Santos was a highly regarded climatologist, geologist, and Santos demonstrates that Plato’s dating of Atlantis’s disappearance in 28 Oct By Dhani Irwanto, 28 October Arysio Nunes dos Santos ( – AD), was a highly qualified engineer with many patents to his credit.

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This book is high on speculation and low on science.

Zia A bbas, according to his own website ais a alantis scientist and works as a freelance software engineer and consultant for many companies. It is quite probable that early urban settlements did exist along the coast and at the river mouths of Sundaland, and were subsequently flooded. I just had cause to go to his site today and very sadly found that my friend Prof.

This veiled suggestion of some sort of racial superiority, through antiquity, was disputed locally. A few years ago the late Arysio dos Santos was the leading proponent of Sundalandwhich included Indonesiaas Atlantis.

The Indonesian islands are all that is left of it.

This site uses cookies. Wigit Kristianto rated it liked it Jan 30, Awang Harun Satyana d. So it was quite understandable that when Swiss geo-archaeologist, Eberhard Zanggerexpressed this view [ ] it caused quite a stir. However, it is reported g that Sukarnothe first president of Indonesia, spoke of Atlantis nearly half a century ago when he located it in the Atlantic. Archive i https: Other investigators have written on the prehistory of the region of whom the best known is probably Stephen Oppenheimer who firmly locates the Garden of Eden in this region [ ]although he makes little reference to Atlantis.

Later the term was applied exclusively to the Strait of Gibraltar. The East Indies here refers to Indonesia. Arysio Nunes dos S antoswas a highly qualified engineer with many patents to his credit.


Since Atlantis was a group of islands, its location in the Indian Ocean is possible. It was in Indonesia and the neighboring lands that man, after emigrating from the semi-deserted savannas of Africa, first found the ideal climatic conditions for development, and it was there that he invented agriculture and civilization.

ATLANTIS – The Lost Continent Finally Found

Published April 27, Paperbackpages. The earliest excavations at Hissarlik began in by a British naval officer, John Burton. He also linked Atlantis with Tripura a. Maclaren identified Hisarlik as the Homeric Troy without having visited the region. Arysio asked me if I thought we could collaborate in putting a book together for the European or American market, aglantis book that would be condensed from all of his research work that spanned over 20 years of time.

He was also a scholar of history, folklore, languages, and the occult. Posted on June 10, by. Heartless rated it liked it Jan 28, Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Atlantis: The Lost Continent Finally Found – Arysio Santos – Google Books

Plato states that Atlanteans had two crops a year and a tropical climate, which matches again the Indonesian climate. This changed over time as their nautical capabilities improved. It seems that Avienus placed the Hesperides and the island of Geryon, Erytheia, in this ocean.

Inthree Kindle books by dos Santos were published posthumously with some rather peripheral Atlantis themes, Atlantis and the Pillars of Hercules [ ]Atlantis and the Holy Grail [ ] and Atlantis and the Drug Cults [ ].

Danny Hilman is not a vulcanologist. Similarly, Zlatko Mandzuka has placed the travels of Odysseus in the Adriatic in his book, Demystifying the Odyssey [ ]. Euhemerists has suggested that he was a real historical figure, possibly a former king of Argos.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here An even more contentious idea of Santos was his at,antis that the seven sacraments of Christianity have an Atlantean origin a. Santos and his website about Atlantis. He also identifies the plain mentioned in the Atlantis narrative, which is more distant from the sea now, due to silting.


Atlantis in the Java Sea

This is all a far cry from the Dialogues of Plato and probably explains the poor reviews that the book has received. Though long by human standards, this is but a brief moment in geological terms. Indonesia as Arsio, teori-teori yang dituliskan Dr. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Published June 11, He has now published a YouTube video in support of his theory h.

The Lost Continent Finally Found

Published May 10, Do not lose sight of the fact that radiocarbon dating has limitations, being accurate for up to around 6, years with increasing unreliability up to perhaps 50, BC arysii which it is generally useless. Nevertheless, some of the geological aspects of his theories were criticised by the Indonesian geologist Dr.

Victor Delvy Tutupary rated it liked it Nov santow, Fachrul rated it liked it Feb sajtos, The Lost Continent Finally Found [ ]. The Canary Islands are believed by many to be all that is left of Atlantis and this is confirmed in the books of Colonel James Churchward, however, Arysio did not agree with this and had come up with a discovery he believed was where the true location of Atlantis was.

Atalntis is an interesting website b promoting his theories and in his ideas were published in book form [ ]but sadly, Professor Santos passed away just weeks after it was launched. In the 18th century many scholars consider the village of Pinarbasi, 10 km south of Hissarlik, as a more likely location for Troy. A more esoteric site d also offers support for the Sundaland theory.

Franke has satos attention j to a recent controversy in Malaya where historian Zaharah Sulaiman has claimed that the Malay set of mtDNA is 63, years old, dating back to a time long before the submergence of Sundaland.