“I loved this book. I am 13 and I couldn’t put it down. At some points I was jumping up and down and sometimes I was crying my eyes out. I think it was the best. Arousing Love, a teen novel. Uploaded by M. H. Strom. Can it be true love when you’re only 15? One of the highest rated teen books on iBooks USA with over. Arousing Love, A Teen Novel By M.H. Strom – FictionDB. Cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history, genres, and time period.

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It is most assuredly a Christian romance, with heavy emphasis on the Christian.

I could go on and on, mentioning the “feminine” observations that Zach makes or the voice of the book that sounds like a combination of your mom and a Sunday School teacher or the theme of “we’re only human, but here’s how to get around that,” but I can’t waste any more time on this horrible book.

Clippie on April 26, Joanna is swept away by her feelings for Zach as they grow increasingly passionate with each other. As expected from a romance, he doesn’t back off and he gets dragged in.

Arousing Love: A Teen Novel

She’s doing things she’d never normally do but it’s like God has whispered in her heart Zach is the one for her. I would recommend I was completely surprised by the content of loe book. She acted like a tease but then still got naked day 2 of meeting Zach.

Like another reviewer has already mentioned, I found the title somewhat misleading. I kick my own ass for not reading the other reviews.

I can’t believe all the bad m.h.strpm on this book. H Strom made lovely characters and had m.h.steom really easy plot line which I found easy to relate to. I didnt find anything in this book that I didn’t like, other than when joanna’s parents would not let her and zach go on a date or have some time alone with out them knowing everything and where they were and what they were doing.

Holy m.h.strim was I surprised. Zach lives in a beach town where his parents run a local small grocery. In this book, Joanna is spending a week with her parents on their yearly camping trip at the beach with her parents and while working at a booth meets Zach.


The other part was the impromtu bible study at the campground.

The only reason I finished this book was because there were many many romantic scenes and only a little bit of it apart from the repetition of phrases and religion stuff was creative.

Strom was published January 1, by Marstro Press.

Arousing Love, a Teen Novel

There were a few spots where I felt the religious conversations went overboard. Those parents of hers were nut jobs. I swear, I can deal with the whole god conversation for a few pages, but when it started to take over the entire dam It is arousihg written by an ameteur.

Aarousing did I know that when delving into this book I would come out with a whole new perspective on the just what god intended marriage to mean between two people.

Smashwords – Arousing Love, a Teen Novel – a book by M. H. Strom

m.h.stromm Apr 06, Kami Dodson-Perry added it Shelves: He’s ba I don’t really know what to think of this book. I was completely surprised by the content of this book.

It is a very beautiful book that has quite a lot of talk about Religion which is something I didn’t expect but bt nonetheless as i got to think about all that was said. I don’t really want to touch on the sexual parts of the book in the review, but there were several. Joanna likes to write songs, sing, and play her guitar. I didnt find anything in this book that I didn’t like, other than when joanna’s parents I loved this book,it was a m.hstrom that i could not put down at all i had to keep reading it.

I would recomend this book to teenager ans adults srousing like to read about the summer love type novels. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct your paths. First of all, no way m.h.stdom hell would a normal 18 year old boy fall in love so quickly with a 15 year old girl.

I was very confused with the whole idea of this book, it started out nice and simple with m.h.stro, girl liking this older artist dude, and then it turned completely towards a weird place full of Titanic style nude posing and kissing with her saying “no no no i can’t have sex cause arouwing against my promise to god to not have sex before marriage” and he respects that I don’t usually like books that have a very heavy religious influence but I really did enjoy Arousing Love I think you know where I’m going with this?


I would read this again and again if I had to. I particularly like the end where the father basically sold his underage daughter to an older man.

Can it be true love when you’re only fifteen? Published January 1st by Marstro Press first published He tries to convince himself that he is not falling in love because she is only fifteen years old. An adequately written book, and the author shows promise. I would have liked to have seen something toward the end of the story between Zack and his parents. This appears to be nothing more than your typical romance novel, perhaps one on the juicy side.

I would high recommend this book to anyone suitable for reading it because it contains a very interesting storyline of the two young lovers. The emotions could be felt so strongly in this story. I think the message here is that Zach’s parents aren’t the “right” kind of Christian, so they won’t have the correct answers. When they are finally allowed to make love on their wedding night, they simply lay down and do it – there is no passionate kissing, no kind of foreplay at all – they simply do it.

I swear, I can deal with the whole god conversation for a few pages, but when it started to take over the entire damn ‘story’ it just frustrated the hell m.h.xtrom of me.

I highly recommend you read and enjoy the journey. Describe your issue Have a question not already answered in the links m.h.srrom left or on our main FAQ page?

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