ARINC REPORT – Page 6 OMS DESCRIPTION OMS Architecture The OMS should consist of the following equipment:?. Buy ARINC DESIGN GUIDANCE FOR ONBOARD MAINTENANCE SYSTEM from SAI Global. Avionics maintenance practices continue to improve through On-Board Maintenance System (OMS) recording. This standard defines the OMS.

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ARINC – Wikipedia

The data displayed should include a failure history of at least the last 64 flight legs or a total of failures, including the maintenance action taken if recorded. The means to physically store data Information retrieval through direct operator control Indirect retrieval of library data through interfaces to other systems Presentation of information on one or more MATs Printing of requested information formats for OSI data 6244 for interfacing the OMS to other installed systems, including the ELS arnic contained in Attachment 2.

Articles needing additional references from March All articles 6244 additional references All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from January Articles needing additional references from February By having each system report the recovery from a power interrupt, the CMC can better correlate the interface failures received from the member systems. The CMC will provide the requests and data to the member system in order to accomplish the test or tests.

Onboard Maintenance Systems for Modern Aviation

Hardware and Software Configuration Identification The operator may select specific tests, as provided for by the OMS menu and instruction displays. The basic protocols should be as mature as possible and should be unambiguously described in arknc to ensure that system works right the first time.


This transient flight phase could occur during any other flight phase. The time interval during which the same flight level is maintained. In this case, the block should begin with the fault record for the next fault in the previous flight leg.

The Fault Active Event Report section 6. LRU or system tests following LRU replacement should be sufficient to declare the airplane system serviceable. Messages cannot begin with a context-specific type. Event function activation The CMC should receive coded data arknc all member systems.

The member system should also transmit this message instead of Initiated Test Abort Command Response in response to Initiated Test Abort Command Action, whenever mechanic action is necessary to return the system to 62 configuration.

Flight phase and UTC when fault occurred Fault isolation to an SRU level, if practical shop data Additional parameters which may be useful for troubleshooting e. Such updates should allow individual airlines to include data unique to their operations. Requirements for reporting flight leg numbers as part of LRU fault history are given in section 6.

Where provided, the data in BITE memory should be easily accessible in order to read fault information. The format for parameter values should be as follows: Access to OMD should be provided in a categorical manner, similar to access for in-flight failure history and ground test. The member 62 would then respond with the LOOP word.

Onboard Maintenance Systems Design & Development – Performance

To provide a cost-effective, user friendly means of airplane maintenance. Allison Transmission Diversified Machine, Inc. Flight leg number will be displayed on the maintenance terminal as the following: Through the MAT, the operator can view faults, either current or historical; initiate aircraft, system, or LRU specific tests; and view the results of any tests conducted. Once the transmitter knows that the data has been received, the data aronc not have to be sent again.


Number 0 -1 -2 The CMC and member systems can support the above flight leg display values by subtracting the present CMC transmitted flight leg number from the stored CMC transmitted flight leg number.

The first is an integer indicating the test being run. This area is being addressed by the suppliers by incorporating components with greater reliability, and utilizing faulttolerant designs. ACMS may be used to allow analysis of trends and prediction of future maintenance needs. Member systems should protect themselves from inadvertent ground test commands issued by the CMC.

Bit 0 1 Meaning fault is inactive fault is active Mode dependent or Latchable faults: August 30, The integer type universal type 2 should be a primitive type encoded as one or more octets, as defined in the length field. Active – System is currently monitoring the fault and aric the fault exists.

This technique reduces the amount of data that needs to be transmitted on the bus, and the amount of text that needs to be stored in member systems.

Member systems having access to flight deck effect data as defined in section 4. These functions are also designed to facilitate maintenance troubleshooting procedures in those systems where automatic means would not be cost effective.

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