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Dharam Das, you are a pure soul, who, meeting with me, have re- moved your pain. As it is, new discoveries are constantly changing our understanding both of the date of human origin and also the nature of our prehistoric past. If I tell him about Niranjan, how is he going to accept it? I am His servant and do not rely sagat any one else.

Understand my teachings, and with determination keep them in your heart. Kal’s “creating” is confined to shaping or develop- ing what proceeds from the Seed into various forms; if he does not have the Seed, he has nothing to work with and cannot “create. These invasions, in- itially in the person of the successive incarnations— Sat Sukrat, Maninder, Karunamai, and Kabir — of the Son of Eternity who is both the hero and author of the epic, and then in the person of his successors whom he raises to the same stature as himself, are the subject of the poem; and its core is the painstaking, infinitely patient sagxr for Dharam Das, the “slave of Law,” the freed soul who has blown it, the ignorant disciple who becomes the Master and who is, in fact, all of us.


The path of the Essential Shabda is subtle, easy and perfect; but only the brave can follow it. The Gnostics called him the Demiurge, and understood him very well. Perhaps the closest analogue in Western literature is William Blake’s “Urizen” who like Kal, functions as the great law-giver compare Kal’s other name, “Dharam Rai” using his laws to trap humanity, and who demands to be worshiped as God.

He was the form of nectar, and remained forever in happiness. I know nothing about the Inconceivable!

Tell him sagat create the universe, leaving all deceptions. Go and tell Dharam Rai that now that woman is his. We are dealing here with time on a scale ungraspable by the human intellect. Tell me its true effect.


After that Kabir Sahib started saying to people, “Ramananda is my Master. The disciples who won’t sacrifice everything, and keep fraud in their hearts while showing love on their faces, How can they go to Sat Lok?

Looking at every single part of her body he became impatient, And he swallowed the woman! A very large part of AnuragSagar is concerned with Kal, who, as explained below, is one of the sixteen sons of the Sat Purush or Positive Power, and who fell from grace and favor through demanding the sovereignty of the three worlds.

Translated into English by Sagad. It is very difficult to find out much about the Mahatmas of the past — their birth, their place of birth, their parents, their early life, etc.

The full content of II. That is what he will contribute. In the Sant Mat tradition it is not unusual for a Master to be married, and as Kabir was the founder of that tradition there is no reason why he should not have been.


In his mind dwelt the deter- mination to have his father’s darshan. Qnuraag are variations on those dates: Accordingly they proclaimed throughout the town that on a certain day there would be a Bhandara a religious gathering and feast sagad Kabir Sahib’s place.

Because he does his best to keep individual souls from leaving the lower creation, he is the ancient foe of the Saints, or incarnations of Sat Purush, Whose work is precisely to help souls leave the lower creation.


Be the first to receive our thoughtfully written religious articles and product discounts. Egg The conception of the loweruniverse as a gigantic cosmic egg is wide- spread. I have given him the three worlds, now go and tell him to develop the Void plane. But the fact was that Ramananda was liberated by Kabir Sahib.

Simran Remembrance; in the writings of the Masters, refers to Remem- brance of God through the repetition of His Five Basic Names, as given in the form of a mantra by the Master at the time of initiation.

ठनुराग सागर: Anurag Sagar – Conversations of Kabir with Dhani Dharmadas

Parasnath Tiwari Paperback Edition: The full content of III. Wonderful items and service! But when they churned this time, they found the three women, which made them very pleased.