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VOICE 8 interlocutor; he fails to focus on the multitude of information that pours in on him at once. Any communication is based on interpretation. In other words, the ultimate tool of influence is the word.

Antrenamentul abilitatilor de comunicare by Stefan Prutianu. The messages are permanently, even if they cannot always be read accurately and on time.

This axiom makes sense only if we believe that falls under the unintentional transmission of information and communication, which is done through indexes. Altitudinea performantei sportive a depins tot mai mult de nivelul calitatilor motrice innascute si dobandite ale sportivilor, de numarul deprinderilor motrice, concretizate in elementele si procedeele tehnico-tactice cele mai eficiente.

Famous psychologists, like C. De Gruyter – Sciendo.

Antrenamentul abilitatilor de comunicare

Dialectica performantei sportive consta in cresterea treptata a eforturilor in antrenament, pana la atingerea nivelurilor maxime, permanent modificabile. The premise from which it leaves is that people abilitatiilor different, they perceive reality differently, they have different interests and purposes and therefore the communication between them may improve only after an effort of mutual accommodation of its interlocutors to the context and communicational situation.

Daca efortul nu se mai repeta se creaza o situatie diferita de cea precedenta si organismul va reactiona in conformitate cu noile cerinte. Radu Munteanu rated it really liked it Nov 27, A Abiliyatilor, 6th Edition. Want to Read saving….

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The paper is an overview of concepts and findings regarding ocmunicare origin of the global culture as cultural co-existence in the international space, with an emphasis on the concepts of cross-cultural communication and cross-cultural competence, cultural variables and their impact on cross-cultural negotiations. They are formed during our entire existence based on: The tone of voice transmits feelings and attitude, while the words transmit only the information.


Body language is confusing. Victor Ban rated it really zbilitatilor it Jan 19, Adina Maria rated it it was amazing Jan 13, The relationships between people are based on communication.

Antrenamentul abilitatilor de comunicare by Stefan Prutianu

Pregatirea fizica multilaterala nu mai abilitaatilor fi considerata ca o conditie a obtinerii performantelor inalte la toate disciplinele sportive, deoarece, marii campioni din sporturile ale caror efort competitional impune numai efort aerob sau anaerob nu sunt multilateral, ci unilateral dezvoltati, avand perfectionate doar organele, calitatile motrice si capacitatea de efort specifice cerintelor competitionale.

The verbal language is far from being perfect. The moment you have find a valid answer to these questions, you’ve already done the most important work. It is obvious that you cannot know everything that anyone remembers, but the information that a person keeps from certain experiences can be useful in conducting a conversation.

Principii specifice In aceasta categorie se includ principiile care actioneaza preponderent in antrenamentul sportiv si care sunt utilizate si in alte activitati, generatoare de alte tipuri de performante balet, muzica, circ etc. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. What kind of arguments should I use, rational or emotional? Suprimarea brusca a eforturilor de catre sportivii de performanta obliga organismul acestora sa treaca rapid intr-o situatie complet noua care impune o solicitare atat de mare a mecanismelor de adaptare, incat adesea pot surveni tulburari sau imbolnaviri.

Carl Rogers outlined a range of active listening techniques based on the reformulation: Books by Stefan Prutianu. Deci, necesitatea realizarii unei succesiuni permanente a lectiilor de antrenament a izvorat din cunoasterea legilor bio-psiho-pedagogice de formare a deprinderilor motrice si de dezvoltare a antrenamenul motrice ale sportivilor.


Dragan d Interaction in the interpersonal relationships Communication is considered to be a mechanism by which human relations exist and develop. Thus, we talk about verbal, nonverbal and para-verbal communication. De altfel, metodica actuala acorda o pondere tot mai mare concursurilor ca mijloc de pregatire pentru performante. Notiunea de antrenament este sinonima cu cea de pregatire sportiva. Lists with This Book. An effective communication implies a relationship between the parties, with a wide range of elements which condition verbal, non-verbal and para-verbal communication.

Speech rhythm is another parameter that provides information about who communicates. Abstract PDF References Article Recommendations Abstract Accentuated by globalization, the overlapping and the dissemination of values, beliefs and perceptions pertaining to different cultures have reached an unprecedented level, phenomenon which, with the contribution of new technologies and the international media, led to xbilitatilor creation of a new global culture. The words are those which cause visual stimuli or auditory senses.

Dumitru Moraru rated it it was ok Apr 11, Nicu Alexe — Teoria si metodica antrenamentului sportiv modern Septimiu Todea — Metodica educatiei fizice si sportive Septimiu Todea — Teoria educatiei fizice si sportului.

In momentul in antrenamentuul antrenorul amplifica in mod exagerat efortul si nu primeste un raspuns corespunzator din partea sportivului, inseamna ca s-a depasit gradul de pregatire al acestuia. Aceste principii surprind si sintetizeaza realitatea complexa a antrenamentului anrrenamentul, din punct de vedere al procesului pedagogic prin care se prepara performanta sportiva.

The word is the most powerful tool that can serve us to achieve our goals.