Anouilh’s plays are today as unfashionable as penny-farthing bicycles. So it is a real pleasure to find a year-old director, Simon Godwin. WATCHING Jean Anouilh’s Eurydice () you become aware of an evocative smell, pungent as the smoke of a Gitane sans filtre. It is the. Throughout his long and prolific career as one of France’s leading modern dramatists, Jean Anouilh has been fascinated by the theme of the fragility of youthful.

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The action begins in the fly-blown buffet of a provincial station in France in the Thirties. Is it possible for the illusions of adolescence to accommodate the compromises and hard truths of middle age?

Orlando Seale and Amy Marston as the young lovers disrobe their souls with great candour.

Very strange setting for this story but I kind of enjoyed it. Views Read Edit View history. Anouilh passed away from a heart attack at age 77 on October eurdice, in Switzerland. He struggled through years of poverty producing several plays until he eventually wound up as secretary to the great actor-director Louis Jouvet.

It forced me to revise my opinion that Anouilh is a variant spelling of the French word for boredom. He liked the work and spoke more than once with wry approval furydice the anouulh in the classical virtues of brevity and precision of language he learned while drafting copy. Internet Explorer 9, 10 and 11; Chrome latest version, as it auto updates ; Firefox latest version, as it auto updates ; and Safari latest version, as it auto updates.


Strange then to find a young fringe company, Straydogs, reviving his work; stranger still to find it transferring to the West End. Eurydice by Jean Anouilh.

Anouilh enrolled as a law student in the University of Paris, only to abandon the course after just eighteen months when he found employment in the advertising industry. Battersea Arts Centre reviews. The screenwriter who adapted it, Edward Anhalt, won an Academy Award for his screenplay. Hardcoverpages. Et puis il y a la vie, son ennemie.

Eurydice | Stage | The Guardian

We currently support the following browsers: For information on how we process your data, read our Privacy Policy. Nevertheless Godwin’s production, evocatively designed by Agnes Treplin, combines lightness of touch with moments of startling dramatic power, and there’s an outstanding supporting company.

But here Anouilh plays intriguing variations on his stock theme. No trivia or quizzes yet. The solicitous M Henri, beautifully played by Desmond Barrit with sinister gentleness, slow, sly smiles, and a frisson of homo-eroticism in his dealings with the beautiful Orpheus, offers the grieving lover a second chance.

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Eurydice Notes

Anouilh joins Cocteau, Giraudoux and Sartre at the head of a large group of French dramatists who used Greek themes in this way from the s onwards. It all makes for a bitter-sweet evening that reminds us of the Gallic theatricality we thoughtlessly threw out along with the unmourned French window. A revival eight years later, in at the 41st Street Theater, Eurydice or, Legend of Lovers failed again to claim a mainstream audience — with the critics as divided as they were the first go round.


He quickly discovered he could not get along with this gruff man and left his company.

Anouilh himself grouped his plays on the basis of their dominant tone: The course of true love runs predictably unsmoothly. Here a young street violinist and an angular young actress meet and instantly fall for each other.

But their rapt declarations of love and fidelity are overheard by a man sitting in a corner. As a child, Anouilh spent many nights watching his mother play for various operettas.

And when the manager tracks the lovers down, Eurydice does a runner, only to be killed in a road accident. Mar 22, Eliza Abendroth rated it really liked it.

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Anouilh – not the French for boredom after all – Telegraph

In Pictures – the story of love and romance: Orpheus is prone to gnawing jealousy; Eurydice has had an affair with her theatre company’s unscrupulous manager. Henri, a mysterious figure, and Surydice, the manager of the acting troupe. Mathieu rated it liked it Oct 19, In fact, if she hadn’t died, M. Despite its sober subject matter, Eurydice was a success in Paris.

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