Browning, Robert. “An Unpublished Funeral Oration of Anna Comnena.” Proceedings of the Cambridge Philological Society (n.s. 8) (): Repr. The Alexiad (Penguin Classics) [Anna Komnene, Peter Frankopan, E. R. A. Sewter] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A revised edition of a. ‘The shining light of the world, the great Alexius’ Anna Comnena () wrote The Alexiad as an account of the reign of her father, the Byzantine Emperor .

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He would see off the Normans. Which is I’ve been thinking a lot about reviewing lately. The footnotes assumed I’d need help figuring out who the Gorgon was, and other references to Greek mythology, but provided no assistance with any of the Byzantine names, titles, dates, or battles.

Her character sketches are shrewd and forthright – from the Norman invader Robert Guiscard ‘nourished by mainfold Evil’ and his son Bohemond ‘like a streaking thunderbolt’ to Pope Gregory VII ‘unworthy of a high priest’. Put it like this: Most scholars agree that the marriage was a political one — it created legitimacy for Anna’s paternal family through Bryennois’ connections to past emperor’s family. It’s worth noting that Anna is a huge daddy’s girl.

By doing this he is able to address some of the reasons Anna might have arranged events as she did — as well as accusations about her “misinformation” by modern authors such as John France. Death of Robert Guiscard: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use wnna Privacy Policy. Discusses Anna Commena, pp. Aug 25, Alexander Van Leadam rated it liked it. This work is one of the main sources on the history of the Byzantine Empire. The only thing I don’t a,exiad is all the notes.

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In the AlexiadAnna Komnene portrays gender and gender stereotypes in a unique way. Western Michigan University, Just a moment annna we sign you in to your Goodreads account. In the seclusion of the monastery, Anna dedicated her time to studying philosophy and history. Anna loved and admired her father, though she wished he had chosen her and her husband as successors, instead of her brother who she tried to usurp. I especially enjoyed some of the little asides. The chapters covering the early part of Alexius’ reign would clearly have been based on accounts set down before Anna was born and during her childhood and these are in places confused to the point that they are almost impossible to follow, particularly her accounts of military campaigns.


The Alexiad – Wikisource, the free online library

Views Read Edit View history. It’s not that bad, but it’s not that great either; if you’re not especially interested in the events of the late eleventh century and early twelfth century at that end of the Mediterranean, you can skip alsxiad in good conscience. I enjoyed the undercurrent of gleeful malice and all of the lurid eye-gouging, but I didn’t understand why everyone seemed to have the same name, why they had all married each other’s cousins, and why they all wanted to kill each other.

Wikipedia articleCommons categoryWikidata item.

Anna Komnene

Church and Society in Byzantium under the Comneni, Cambridge: I came to this young, aalexiad lucky chance. It goes without saying that the Alexiad has tremendous value as a piece of source material but I guess the whole point of reviews on Goodreads is to comment on the book’s entertainment value for the general reader rather than its usefulness for alexiax historian Always feels a bit strange writing a review for something written almost a thousand years ago.

Paul Halsall, February halsall fordham.

For a primary source from this is immensely readable. Retrieved from ” https: Otherwise, it’s pretty slow reading. Her neutrality is compromised by the fact that she was writing to praise her father and denigrate his successors. John Doukas brother of Constantine X Doukas. The emperor a Alexius determining whether to war with The Cumans: The Making of a British Byzantinist.


Disappointed in her hopes to be named heir to her father instead of her brother John, and again by not having her husband Nikephoros Bryennios named as Emperor, Anna conspired with her mother against her brother to gain her husband the throne but ultimately failed after her husband’s refusal to cooperate.

John Komnenos brother of Isaac I Komnenos.

Anna Komnena is an incomparable source of history for any time but especially for her own times and her position in that world. Victory at Levunium 29 April Modern Greek] Translated by Aloe Sideri.

Oxford University Press, Byzanz und die Kreuzfahrerstaaten. Prologue, section 3, p. What one might give for an hour on the Bosporus with Anna Comneni, daughter of the Emperor of the Romans. And as she got older she also sat on the edge of the Palace in Constantinople, watching the parade of the very first Western, so called Christian Crusaders gaining passage to the battlefield, as it were, into what used to be her znna yard.

Anna Komnene’s writings are a major source of information on her father, Alexios I of the Byzantine Empire. Special suspicion was reserved for crusading leader Bohemond of Tarantoa southern Italian Norman who, under the leadership of alexaid father Robert Guiscardhad invaded Byzantine territory in the Balkans in She has quite a long alexiqd 6.

Passages to the Maternal in Anna Komnene’s Alexiad. Les personnages byzantins de l’Alexiade: In contrast, Leonora Neville argues that Anna probably not involved in the attempted usurpation. Note that the later translation by E. Alexius also steered the First Crusade through his realm.