FEB Anagha Vratam. Public. · Hosted by Dyc Canada. Interested. clock. Sunday, February 19, at AM – AM EST. More than a year ago. pin. Jaya Guru Datta! Please join with your family and friends for Anagha Vratam at 7: 00 PM on Monday, 20th March. It is very important vratam of Sri Anagha Swamy. Check out Anagha Vratam by Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji Vamshi Krishna Ghanapathi & Group / Rajkumar Bharati on Amazon Music. Stream.

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By doing this vratha, one can get relief from all your sins. Kartaveerya anagah his boons on the eighth day of the dark half of the month of Margashira.

Anagha Vratha

Dattatreya Himself taught him the method of performing Anaghashtami pooja. Foreword-anagha vratha In your homes. According to vedantic view, even the worldly pleasure is in fact pain. In general we commit a number of sins by our deeds, words and thought.

According to another etymology, Agha means that which causes sufferings to remain for ever. You may use rice flour, turmeric and kumkum for the drawing. The Anagha amagha can be performed on Margasira anagna ashtami or on any bahula ashtami of any month. Nasvaidyam and prayer is offered by chanting holy mantra.

The story of the thousand-armed Kartaveeryarjuna in Datta Darshana is highly symbolic.

Anagha Vratha | Sree Datta Vaibhavam

Atleast one time per year,if done if faith,the vrathA brings solace. By performing puja or vrata for aanagha deities, one shall find himself as full of love, anahha, prosperity, children and success in life. All Astami puja vanishes sins made by person. In reality she is incarnation of Lakshmi Devi.


Before starting puja we must also worship all the things which are vrtam in puja like utensils, dhoop,deep, betel leaves, betel nut, flowers, fruits etc.

Pooja Process Pooja Vidhi Always perform puja after taking bath and wearing puja dress or nice clean clothes. Etymologically, the word Agha means that which comes to the experience of the doer kartaaram anghaati iti agham. Place betal leaf ,betal nut,rice,coin,fruits and 3 coconuts.

Mumbai Contact Number Mr. Sadguru Lord Dattatreya’s Tattvam is beyond our comprehension.

The most important date to perform this Vrata is Margashersha month – Ashtami day following the full moon. A prayer is offered to lord and ganesh puja is completed. Deep [Cotton dias] 8. Near idol of Lord Datta Red thread bundle is placed.

Kalash puja is started by applying sandal powder, haldi kumkum, flowers dhoop, deep,rice to kalash. Aarti pathanam, stotra pathanam as per book. That which removes sorrow by bestowing prosperity, health, affection, vrayam, wisdom etc.

Every year during Margashira masa during krishna pakshami ashtami or krishnAshtami preferably the former ,one must do the anaghha. When you tie the twine around your right wrist, utter the following prayer:. While offering puja sankalpa should be made. Vrstam Desk [Chaurang] After offering this puja by devotees his wishes are fulfilled by lord. Auspicious Day The Anagha vratha can be performed on Margasira bahula ashtami or on any bahula ashtami of any month.

He was one of the favourite disciples of Lord Dattatreya. His wife is known as Anagha Devi. Average time for this pooja is 3 to 4 hours.


This Vrata can be performed by each and every one. Keep the twines in the centre of the lotus at the feet of the Anagha couple. Lord Datta, being the ocean of mercy again and again takes different incarnations — revealing his significance to one and all — uplifting the down-trodden. Also you can pass on the method of worship to your dear ones by offering one twine each to them. You will deserve the grace of Guru Datta.

Each twine may be about eight inches long.

Sreepada Sreevallabha Maha Samasthan

Today on this auspicious day we are offering puja to Shree Anagha Devi along with Shree Anagha Lakshami for welfare of all our family members, long life, and success in life, good health, prosperity, marriage, children peace and well being of all family members.

Sri Datta who is an Avadhootha- a wandering monk, has another form of a householder.

Idols of Lord Dattatraya, Goddess Mahalaxami Devottees should be dressed properly in pooja attair and start pooja. In each petal, place a anagya vessela beteel nut, a beetel leaf or a Tulasi leaf, Invoke the deities as per the details given in the book. Now, in this Kali Yuga, people have almost lost anagba of this powerful puja.

This tread is also called as Vrata Sutra. Main Puja Process Ashta Datta putra pujanam: