Death is the new life. Stories about dead teens used to be mainly weepers about beautiful young girls with tragic diseases. Now along with. The story of Madison Stanton, dead of unknown causes at age 17, showcases debut author Huntley’s skill at writing believable scenes of high. Where do we go after we die? For Madison Stanton, she’s somewhere in the vast dark everafter—a place she refers to as “Is”, formless, isolated.

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Loved every page of it. The novel to end?

I did like this book, I just wish there had been a little more substance. Dec 13, Christina White rated it liked it Shelves: It sort of winds up with this point that everyone is going to die anyway, and we just live in our memories, and pretty much every m Buy at left-bank.

Trivia About The Everafter. Okay, so maybe most high school chemistry teachers aren’t going to launch into a lecture on wave-particle duality, but I still ate it up. All she’s got is these rare moments that she lost something, and though they weren’t important in life, they’re so meaningful in death.

Genau das hat mir extrem gut an The Everafter gefallen. I seem to gravitate towards the book even after I finished. The Everafter talks of the afterlife hence the title and what to expect. There’s no woo-woo, creepy, haunting kind of stuff. I especially liked the tie-ins to the poems of Emily Dickinson and Robert Frost; Huntley really shows off her English teacher background and love of literature. The answer was no!

This is such a different story, an interesting and fascinating view of what death could be like and dealing with change and letting go. The epilogue will leave you with the perfect sense of closure with a hint of regret for the final character in the book. It started off with Madison realizing that she was dead. At the end, there’s also an extra page or two from another character 2 actually!


But this review is supposed to be about The Everafterso moving along to that You want Maddy to find out how she died yet you don’t want to find out how she died because you’re afraid that will be the end for her. Want to Huhtley saving…. I was constantly having to remind myself this was just story otherwise this would have been extremely depressing.

Touch them to see huntlwy and how huntpey why you lost them. I know this is a common style these days but I think it’s beautiful. She doesn’t know how she died, or where she is, or even who she is at first. When she touches one, she’s sucked back to that moment in her life where she lost it.

As long as the object remains lost, she can continue to return to that time in her life. It was a tad too dramatic, and ridiculously sad and needless. Sounds like quite the eclectic mix, right?

I like the character immediately and am interested to read more. Well, this was an interesting take on life after death. This is paranormal, technically, but not in the usual sense.

Oct 11, Kristy rated it it was ok. May 19, Trisha rated it it was ok Shelves: In all ,i would give this everaftdr a good 4. Aug 29, Johanna rated it it was amazing Shelves: I thought that was one of the best parts of this book.

The Everafter

I mean yes, I thought it was shocking, but it was this overly dramatic death that left me doubting if something like this can truly happen. The only company Maddy has in this place are luminescent objects that turn out to be all the things she lost while she was alive. Tender, sweet, and still managing to never overstep the boundary of being just too much. After harping huntlye how attached Madison is to objects I don’t see the journey that teaches her to let go or anything. When the novel travels back to a certain time, there’s no knowing what could happen.


Did somebody intentionally kill her cat? Oct 14, Julie Kagawa rated it it was amazing. Madison Stanton is sure about one thing, she is dead and in a place she calls “is,” which is an oblivion where lost things Okay, this book creeped me out just a little bit, more towards the middle huntely the end, but I was definitely creeped out.

So the three stars comes from the fact that all that I just said was prompted by this little bundle of words. And of course, there’s the question of what’s yhe in the next stage of the afterlife. Madison can’t remember when or how she died and she hopes that by reliving all the moments of the lost This book was sad and depressing and it makes me wonder where the author’s head was at when she wrote this.

As it turned out, the concept was the best part.

The Everafter by Amy Huntley – book project by brianna aldridge on Prezi

Its not even a scary book! View all 10 comments. In reliving these moments, Maddy learns illuminating and frightening truths about her life – and death. Yuntley thought Maddy was too whinny in the beginning, I didn’t like her that much there was no chemistry between the her and Gabe.