The Rules of Play. The current version in play is Newest Version of the rules goes active Amtgard wide January 1st, Rulebook. Amtgard V8 Rules Documents. V8 Rule Books and Change Logs. Current Rules: V8 Current. Early Playtest Editions: V8 Rules · V8 to Change Log. please consider the following when reading through this rulebook, and when applying the rules on the feld: 1. Amtgard requires cooperation, honor, and fair play.

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Reminder, ALL documents here are free to download for personal use. Armor receives a ruleboo based on the type of armor and materials and techniques used to construct it. Non-combat oriented talents and attributes are often left up to the imagination and actual capabilities of the players or rules specified in a scenario. Correction – The first Amtgard rulebook 1.

Views Read Edit View history. Special thanks to Dame Gwynne and Sir Aramithris for the following documents which are included in the newlands.

Webarchive template wayback links CS1 maint: Archived from the original PDF on Non-period, modern-looking materials and shoddy construction can reduce the protection granted by the armor. As well as information that we would expect to find in our corpora today.

8.0 Rulebook

One reminder, ALL documents here are free to download for your own use. Players may play different classes at different times, and levels have no relation to in-character deaths. Players may choose to post due to bad knees, rocky or wet terrain, or simply because they do not wish to kneel. Knighthood in Amtgard is broken into four orders: Amtgard also utilizes armor for a number of classes.

Easygard Mobile Amtgard

Sword, Serpent, Crown, and Flame. The kingdoms, along with their primary locations, are: The basic combat rules are nearly identical to Dagorhir with a “limb loss” system based on hit location, in contrast to games such as NERO that are hit-point based.


However, ONLY contracted groups are permitted to make multiple copies for rulebokk within their lands — as per contract with the Amtgard Inc. The primary focus of the rules of the game xmtgard combat. Two limb shots to the same arm is also considered a death, while multiple shots to the same leg have no effect after ru,ebook first shot.

As an example, someone who is very generous and works hard to benefit the province of Amtgard as a whole may gain Orders of the Rose.

The setting encourages and incorporates elements of historical Europe and Asia as well as the high and low fantasy genres. If a Magic Caster wishes to use weapons save daggers or armor, he must purchase them using spell points. Armor breaking attacks will remove one point of armor from a location with more than three points, and all remaining points from a location with 3 or less points.

Amtgard V8 Rules Documents

A hit amgard a weapon does not decrease a “hit point” total, but instead disables the location struck. Both generally place a high value on contributing to the club as rrulebook whole, and often have a specific mission statement. The quals zip contains documents that are handy for running the Crown Qualification events, and ruleboook New Lands zip holds all the documents listed below.

There are essentially three kinds of damage armor may be subject to. Other class abilities enhance all armor worn to “Ancestral Armor”, which is removed one point at a time, regardless of the type of damage it is being struck with. For instance, one player might play an Assassin, and another, a Warrior.

Amtgard has a system of awards and honors based on past contributions and accomplishments.


A Knight is allowed to choose members to become their pupils. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. But instead of leaving, they kicked him out and built the game themselves. It was not a single piece of paper, that item was a promotional handout providing an overview of Peter La Grues Amtgard first used at the El Paso Comicon in Battlegames range from one-on-one tournaments to team battles of forty or fifty people to mass warfare with hundreds of players.

Skip to secondary content. Players can increase the abilities of their characters by going up in level; a player’s level is determined by the length of game time they have played that particular class and by the passing of a guild test given by the head of the guild to which their class belongs.

Live-action battle gaming Live-action role-playing games Role-playing games introduced in Archived copy as title Articles needing additional references from October All articles needing additional references All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from August Amtgard fighting tends to be fast and precise, focusing more on accuracy than on power. Retrieved from ” https: As armor in Amtgard is not physically functional, realism and aesthetics are encouraged with armor in Amtgard, in order to enhance atmosphere and balance the substantial benefits offered by armor.

This article needs additional citations for verification. A Squire was listed under the classes, ‘A Squire is a warrior in training under a Paladin Knight or Warrior with fifteen or more battle games of experience.