Aloka Co., Ltd., announced today its new ProSound Alpha 6, the next generation of compact color ultrasound systems. The ProSound Alpha 6 multi-purpose. high-end platforms, designed for hospitals. All of these benefit from our technological thought leadership. ProSound F75 Premier/CV. F F ProSound 6. The ProSound Alpha6 is powerful and versatile, yet compact and friendly. The system is packed with functions which are useful and easy to use. This system.

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The exceptional technologies developed for the high-end modes of the ProSound series are incorporated in the system, delivering outstanding image quality and versatility. It is IEC Ed: The lab visits the patient. DSD allows the user to get real time image and a slow motion image side by side.

High Pulse Repetition Frequency. Older Newsletters Newsletter archive Newsletter archive More usability of the machine and more value for the money spent.

HITACHI-ALOKA Prosound Alpha 6 Shared Service Ultrasound

See a missing Specification? The machine can be installed in a very small place. Spatial Compound Imaging SCI – The ultrasound beam is transmitted and received in real time and in the multiple directions resulting in a reduction of speckle noise, suppression of artifacts, and improvement of contrast resolution allowing lesions to be clearly observed. This function enables the machine to perform automatic calculation of Nuchal Translucency of the new born baby. Please review our Privacy Policy for more details.


The award-winning ProSound A6; the smallest and lightest ultrasound system in its class. Remove Subscription Confirm Remove.

It allows the user to get displayed the 4 B-mode images in a single screen facilitating in many of the diagnostic studies. Direct attachment of conventional computer printer. The conventional printer can be installed to get the direct printouts of the images and the reports directly from the machine. Can shift base line, sweep speed, spectrum invert, angle proosund, chroma, contrast in Doppler mode after freeze. The information you enter here will be sent directly to the pdosound.

Frequently used functions can be assigned to numerous keys available in the machine. My Bench Order History Sign out. Auto Angle correction of the Doppler. Ad Pfosound Times Displayed: Download product brochure here: The machine meets the global standards for its performance. AIP reduces the speckles while maintaining the clear boundary of the tissue.

Touch Panel available prosounx ease of operations and to increase patient throughput. High definition Blood Flow Imaging. ProSound Alpha 6, designed to address the ultrasound diagnostic needs of public and private hospitals and clinics, provides unprecedented performance in an affordable system.

ALOKA‘s New ProSound Alpha 6 Ultrasound System on Show at MEDICA

The quietness and round body design minimize the patient’s unease with medical equipment. Presets of the machine parameters for users. BbH provides more detailed image information and much higher penetration in deeper areas. Share your opinion or experience slpha this equipment – Review orosound model. CW is a technique to measure high velocity blood flows as in the case on heart valve stenos. Automated Segmental Motion Analysis.


Read more in our Privacy Policy.

ProSound Alpha6 : Healthcare : Hitachi

Smooth examinations can be performed with pre registered protocol. High Performance in gray scale image. Wide variety of transducers available in a single machine. Extended Pure Harmonic Detection. ECG Time phase display is possible to be reviewed in cine mode.

This function enables to increase the frame rate of the image for better visualization of the flow or moving parts. Has bagged the best international design award for its innovative design and performance by International Forum iF.

This function enables the machine to perform automatic calculation of Intima-media thickness of the innermost two walls of an artery. Older Interviews Interviews Interviews Interviews Alpha 6 addresses a variety of diagnostic applications in one system, prosoujd marked difference to other ultrasound systems.