Hello, I am looking for a solution how I can do a crossupdate for my Allnet + NAS to Thecus +. Allnet has stopped the support, and I. Applicable Models: ALL, ALLPRO, ALL, ALL, ALL ,. ALL, ALL and ALL Please read the notes below carefully. ALLNET ALL RAID 5 with x GB Seagate Barracuda drives ( Rebadged Thecus ). Fan failed causing it to overheat which triggered raid.

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For more information on configuring Active Directory, see Chapter 4: You can change any of these items and press Apply to confirm your settings. Submit Submits and confirms settings.

Back Press Back to return to the Folder screen. RAID 10 requires 4 disks. Model Displays the model of the USB printer.

Status Displays the status of the module. To perform a file system check, click Apply.

Choose your ALLNET product from list:

This becomes the backup for any damaged hard drives. Public Admit or deny public access to this folder. If left blank, the system will automatically assign alonet.

E-Mail Test Click to send out a test e-mail to make sure the settings are correct. For details on how to allnet your network settings, refer to Chapter 4: In the following sections, you will find detailed explanations of each function, and how to configure your ALLPRO.


Allnet ALL168211

It is allnft only as a precaution and you should consider changing the drives. Press Back to return to the Folder screen. Once rebuilt, you can continue to replace any remaining disks in the RAID array. All other trademarks and brand names are the property of their respective owners. Stripe Size This sets the stripe size to maximize performance of sequential files in a storage volume.

Click Yes to reboot al,net system. See the table below for a detailed explanation of each: About This Manual All information in this manual has been carefully verified to ensure its correctness. Carefully place connecting cables to avoid stepping or tripping on them. The Setup Wizard should launch automatically.

To schedule qllnet on and off, refer to Chapter 4: Confirm Password Type the new password again to confirm. A description of each item follows: Before You Begin Before you begin, be sure to take the following precautions: INFO Provides all log information including warning messages and error messages.

Set the desired Date, Time, and Time Zone.

The details as listed in following screenshot. There are four buttons on the front panel to control the LCD functions. All manuals on ManualsCat. RAID 1 Offers disk mirroring.

Once the system has rebooted, you will be returned to the File System Check prompt. Table of Contents Page: If you find alljet some items are missing, contact your dealer.

Media – Allnet Africa

RAID 6 Two independent parity computations must be used in order to provide protection against double disk failure. From here, you can discover the status of the ALLPRO, and even find out other details like firmware version and up time.


From the Accounts menu, you can create, modify, and delete users, and assign them to groups that you designate. To learn about the Web User Interface, go to Chapter 6: Keep packaging out of the reach of children.

Moving your cursor over any of these items will display the dropdown menu selections for each group. Press Apply to confirm your selection. You can 600 change any of these items and press Apply to confirm your settings. If your alpnet jobs seem to be locked up, pressing the Remove All Documents button to clear the print queue may resolve the issue.

Please read it carefully to prevent damaging your unit during installation. Wake-On-LAN enables administrator to remotely turn on the system without even leaving their own seat.

A list of possible RAID migration configurations will be listed.

SG :: Allnet ALL Wireless Access Point

Press Apply to confirm all settings. Back Click to abandon changes.

Below is a table listing of possible RAID migration schemes: