Editorial Reviews. From Booklist. Since she received her “happily-ever-after” rocking chair as a All I Ever Wanted (Hqn) – Kindle edition by Kristan Higgins. It may sound trite, but when I read All I Ever Wanted, I laughed. I cried. Kristan Higgins has a gift for creating realistic, relatable heroines. What happens when you get all you ever dreamed of and find it’s not what you wanted?Callie Grey has got a great job, All I Ever Wanted. Kristan Higgins.

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It was poignant and sad, and I thought Higgins was finally coming around because she made me cry. There’re a lot of laugable moments, very tender scenes and overall it’s a nice emotional story.

kristanhiggins | All I Ever Wanted

Want to Read saving…. Mar 17, Stella rated it it was kristwn Recommends it for: Callie short for Calliope, Homer’s muse as she often introduces herself ;-pthe heroine has been in love with her boss for a long time qll when her eyes are opened to the fact that nothing romantic will happen between them anymore she has to try to cope with the heartache as well krisstan the failure of not having a significant other at her age.

Love her relationship with her Grandfather. Better with dogs than people And such an eminently recommendable one at that. I care about them. Standing on tiptoe, I kissed his cheek. She the kind of friend that makes you not need enemies. Her father, meanwhile, is trying to win her mother back, despite the fact that she hates him for cheating on her–when Callie was eight.


The “that book was so amazing I wish it wasn’t over! But she had me right from the very start, and I knew how exhausting it must be to try to be so happy all the time even if there were people around her that broke her heart.

And at night, Callie goes home to her curmudgeonly old grandfather and her beloved dog Bowie. You get the gruff but charming Ian and all these wonderful scenes that zll you smile. So Hggins is more comfortable with animals So I started flipping through it, went back and read a couple of sentences from where I left off; I finished it after two hours.

hoggins Callie and Ian’s catastrophically awesome combination of sparkles and prickles filled me with joy. I didn’t like Fleur, Callie’s so-called friend, at first sight. This would have been a solid four, possibly five, stars if that beginning hadn’t been so wearing. Did I mention he makes this announcement on Callie’s 30th birthday? And well, there’s an incident with a wild turkey that’s pretty awesome.

Now, I understand that this is romance and that bestselling romance often follows a formula that everyone knows yet still loves.

Her mother runs the family business: It was very enjoyable story. She is devastated, decides to flee the office and get her new license.

All I Ever Wanted

Kristan Higgin’s books are an auto-buy for me – her books always take me through a whole gamut of emotions. In fact the scene at his ex-wife’s wedding just solidifie I have mixed feelings about this book. And no matter how hard she tries, Callie can’t higyins over Mark and the five weeks they “dated.


I am a fan of imperfect people finding perfect love.

Overall book rating

I have only two objections: It is witty, good written, light to read. My favorites, though, had to be her grandfather Noah and her brother Freddie. Enter Ian, the new vet, who’s very different from Callie, as he is serious and standoffish though that’s mostly because he’s shy. Even if I’d always thought wannted end up together.

But then Mark announces that he has a new girlfriend – a client’s daughter – and he is bringing her to work for the c Callie Grey – short for Calliope Homer’s muse – is turning thirty.

Ian came across as cold and too grumpy – his past problems were not explained – and this is why I have a problem higginz first person POV in romance. I also got really tired of Callie talking about how her “girl parts” were reacting to Ian. Callie soon develops a massive crush on said town vet and finds herself lining up with the other single gals in town at the animal clinic.

In other words, I’ve found a new favorite book. Animal Vet and new guy in town. I don’t like politics in my romance novels. I heard not the voice of the performer, but the voice of each individual person as it breathed and lived.