alice di negeri ajaib. 5 likes. Book. alice di negeri ajaib. Privacy · Terms. About. alice di negeri ajaib. Book. 5 people like this topic. Want to like this Page?. Title, Alice di Negeri Ajaib Volume 55 of Buku Dongeng Anak-Anak Bergambar. Author, Lewis Carroll. Publisher, Elex Media Komputindo, Length, TRANSLATION OF PAST PROGRESSIVE VERB PHRASES IN LEWIS CARROLL’S ALICE IN WONDERLAND INTO ALICE DI NEGERI AJAIB.

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View all 11 comments. It was quite fun to learn how Carroll pulled everyone’s leg, particularly, his references to French lessons—a common feature of a Victorian middle-class girl’s upbringing.

Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland (Alice Di Negeri Ajaib) Book by Lewis Carroll

However, at about the halfway point, starting around the time Alice got herself invited or disinvited? It is renowned for its idiosyncratic combination of humour, riddles and nonsense. I liked the Cheshire Cat, the tea party, and the cricket game. This book is wonderous and strange. Instead, I decided to nrgri the plunge and read this via audiobook with the book right in front of me as I was following along, like some kids might have done in elementary school.

Alice Liddell herself is there, while Carroll is caricatured as the Dodo because Dodgson stuttered when he spoke, he sometimes pronounced his last allice as Dodo-Dodgson.


Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland – Alice Di Negeri Ajaib

The puns and general randomness of the events are surely quite fun at times but overall just something to read so you can say you read it. Oh my fur and whiskers!

But I found it hard to really enjoy it, though I’m glad I read it. Alice in Wonderland is one of those stories I know without ever reading or seeing it, other pieces of media reference or even parody it enough that I knew exactly what the story was about.

That is also the part I am most curious about in the second book Through the Looking Glass. Equivalence theory proposed by Catford is also used in identifying and classifying the translation whether it belongs to formal correspondence or textual equivalence. But were my expectations met? Maybe those dumb old rote-learning methods weren’t actually so dumb?

Netri all 4 comments. Refresh and try again.

Your characters were meaningless, hilarious nonetheless. They are really interesting to read about, to analyze and discuss, but not that much fun readin I really wanted to finally read this.

I had every intention of embracing the Wonderland dream and awarding this at least four stars.

As you can see, a lot of words are in red, meaning I haven’t seen them before. Another reason why I might’ve not enjoyed it that much is, that I read this as an ebook. I recommend this book to anyone who is interested into reading it. Advice from a Caterpillar, Chapter 6: Thanks for telling us about ajaibb problem.


Jedem von uns ist die Ajabi der kleinen Alice bekannt: Alice also seems to undergo an acute identity crisis, which is symbolized by her inability to fit in. I don’t remember what I was expecting, but I must say I was not really impressed. Trivia About Petualangan Alice The only xlice that I liked was Gryphon and even for it, I’m not sure why.

Apart from the satirical elements in the novel, I also liked its overall message even though it was executed in a rather messy and cheesy way: However, I neither belong to the first camp nor the second one. That’s actually quite neat. That said, the Duchess’s understanding of morals sounds a bit more like philosophy, “Oh, ’tis love, ’tis love, that makes the world go dl

Y eso las hace muy divertidas. When she was talking to the mouse for example.

Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland (Alice Di Negeri Ajaib) Book by Lewis Carroll – Gramedia Digital

I was mistaken, this story was far from what I expected, it was exceptionally quirky and unbelievably short. Alice is taking a nap along the banks of the river aice her older sister and basically has a dream of ginourmous proportions. Such a beautiful nonsensical world!