INTRODUCTION:This work deals with issues related to the partnership between the public sector, SUS and SUAS, making a theoretical and empirical work on. 13; student movements, 26, 31, 37, 45, 69, 79, 97, solidarity, popular, Sposati, Aldaiza, , State Public Housing Commission (CDHU),i04 UNE. São Paulo SP Brasil. [email protected] Abstract. After 30 years in force, CF must be salvaged and commemorated but also evaluated in .

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The granting of certificates for charities key documents for tax exemption remained in the post-CF attributed to social assistance and operated by the Committee of the CNSS CNAS afteroften denounced in regards its smoothness. The apparent acidity of this annotation does not invalidate or fail to recognize efforts designed to pass through inherited limits to the field of social rights. According to this understanding, concern for the good of others is justified by the practice of a religion and not by the aldazia of secular civility.

Apart from specific and local experiences, the convergence of efforts did not occur. aldaisa

Displacement of social security and social disprotection in Brazil

Monte AlegrePerdizes. The management of Suas among federal entities has not fully assumed the public character of social assistance services. The absence of this presence represents a dismantling of the republican character of services to the Brazilian citizen. Furthering the relationship between tax spending on social security does not represent a digression but rather the effects of little known and debated arguments that affect its financial support. In the s, options for neoliberal guidance were initiated through the decisions and actions of the Brazilian State rather than through the distributive and redistributive guidelines of CF With unclear indications of what it was to ensure as a duty, it maintained a strong link with pragmatic activism of a specific and emergency nature expressed by relaxed practices for policies of service.

The value of pensions escalates privileges among the In the provision of the State, a,daiza is generated as strata ranked by the quality of social protection, distributed by the social positioning and earnings of the claimant. It spoosati limited its links with republicanism, secularism, and the social rights of citizenship. The remaining financial fabric of the EPU was being frayed, causing its sustaining currencies to leak.

Abstract After 30 years in force, CF must be salvaged and commemorated but also evaluated in relation to how much social and political resistance it acquired sposatj the execution of its determinations.


After 30 years in force, CF must be salvaged and commemorated but also evaluated in relation to how much social and political resistance it acquired in the execution of its determinations. The social protection commodity: March 12, ; Accepted: Described as a triumvirate, it assumed its coverage via three social policies. This process has stemmed from direct and indirect actions of the conservative power of Brazilian capitalist society guided by a neoliberal direction that opposes the constitutional notion of guaranteeing social protection coverage for all Brazilians.

Its outlook as something desirable was not understood. It transformed from a unit financing public social protection to a tool for regulating private economic policy in response to pressures of splsati political interests.

The second hypothesis refers to the interests of financial capital, which have begun using social protection as an indirect form of private financing.

In these 30 years, Brazilian social protection has shifted from its civilizatory outlook, as it has been acting as a mechanism that accentuates inequality at the extremes of the life cycle. A popular movement towards social security was not experienced. Through it, social necessity is supplied outside of the buying and selling relationship in the market and enters the realm of the solidarity of a society that shares the public budget aodaiza its members.

The arguments outlined here aldqiza that there are no aldqiza or ideas that have forced the orchestration of social security in Brazil in terms of the quality of its effects. In the PBF, no fixed value is given for the benefit. It has abandoned an intention of constructing social certainties to perversely assume the role of encouraging the inequality of life conditions between social classes and their segments.

It is understood that social security established in Brazil by the Federal Constitution of CF expresses commodification methods through the three policies that compose it: Consequently, the decoding of the nature of social security was not laden with the same meaning across the three areas; rather, they lacked a unifying impact. This overlap has led to a tacit protocol through which the State has been financing and, since, the Brazilian colony missions of religious works have been dressing up such sacralized responses as republican recommendations.

There has been an undermining of social security resources.

Adding to this fate is the disparity of standards applied to benefits of different standards on which social security operates. The limited accumulation of collective forces in the area of social assistance did not prove strong enough to change traditions. To achieve Cebas-Education certification, it is necessary to maintain a link with the University for All Program Programa Universidade para Todos — Prouniwhich grants study scholarships.


Aldaiza Sposati

Social security funds are presented and move like investment capital and private economic interests e. Through this decomposition, social protection moves away from its link to the International Declaration of Human Rights of towards conditions of goods for individual consumption. The principle of subsidiarity was its driver.

No investments were made to strengthen the desired social security unit. Henceforth, no longer the CNAS but rather the ministries with similitude in the field of activities of the applicant would state or not state the existence of a link between actions developed and public policy and they began to transmit this to Cebas. For them, substantive benefits in monetary amounts exempt from income tax and with no conditionality or restriction are distributed to magistrates, legislators, and military and governing personnel.

Guaranteeing this with the public budget would generate a budget deficit, which would create a populist, tutelary, and welfare pattern to be eliminated. A lack of unity in Brazilian social security has given way to the parallel and disintegrated experience of State organs in their federal extensions to states and municipalities, often fragmented by CSOs.

According to CF, health unlike the other two policy areas is considered a right for all, while social welfare operates as a provider of financial means to the insured.

The outlook of the social security unit was rigged by the inactivity of an articulating mechanism: This misguided duality amalgamated the orientation of social law to charity, merging them with social assistance like Siamese sisters. These are the so-called Refis that reduce liabilities of the social security budget.

The right to social protection transmuted into charity funded by public money excludes — through its management process — democratic principles of transparency, planning, evaluation, and social control.