Alan Trachtenberg. The Incorporation of America: Culture and Society in the Gilded Age. (American Century Series.) New York: Hill and Wang. Reviewed Work(s): The Incorporation of America: Culture and Society in the Gilded Age. by Alan Trachtenberg. Review by: Helen Lefkowitz Horowitz. Source: . A classic examination of the roots of corporate culture, newly revised and updated for the twenty first century. Alan Trachtenberg presents a.

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For some, the goal of culture is to pull the lower classes out of their vulgarity. This book examine the origin of the conflict between individualism and corporation; a conflict which “still persists”. As the nation spread into this land, which quickly became mapped by the government and viewed as a source of raw materials by corporate business interests, many Americans had a sense of losing something special, something defining.

Here, in an updated edition which includes a new introduction and a revised bibliographical essay, is a brilliant, essential work on the origins of America’s corporate culture and the formation of the American social fabric after the Civil War. In a series of thoughtfully-constructed and highly readable chapters, Trachtenberg explains how nearly all elements of late 19th-century American akerica — everything from U.

Citing articles via Google Scholar. This is both ironic and tragic in two ways. Truly fascinat I don’t share the author’s clearly socialist sympathies, but this book really defines the strengths and possibilities of cultural history.

Receive exclusive offers and updates from Oxford Academic. Trachtenberg also illustrates how the broader uncertainty and upheaval of social, political, and economic relations manifested itself in popular culture. When these are employed, they are quite useful. Through these times of tension, culture attempted to unite people behind incorporated interests, and new lifestyles transformed a life based primarily on tangible experience to one of spectacle.

Trachtenberg captures the effects of incorporation throughout society. In rough sequence, industrialization led to the need for more raw materials, the rise of private corporations with shareholders, the proliferation of such corporations, the standardization of time, the government’s favorable business connections under successive Republican presidents, the shift from Americans laboring at home to consuming goods from stores, and the first efficiency experts.

In rough sequence, industrialization led to the need for more raw materials, the rise of private corporations with shareholders, the proliferation of such corporations, the standardization of time, the government’s favorable business connections under successive Republican presidents, the Excellent collection of essays on the Gilded Age and the United States’s transition from a regional to a national, industrialized economy. Common terms and phrases advertisement American American Railway Union Billy Billy Budd buildings campaign capital capitalist century character Chicago Civil corporate critical culture decades Democratic dime novels economic Edison eight-hour day enterprise especially essay experience factory Fair fiction Gilded Age Henry Howells Howells’s human ideal immigrant implied incorporation Indian industrial intellectual Knights of Labor labor land Leo Marx literary Literary Realism Louis Sullivan machine machinery Mark Twain mass mechanical ment middle-class modern movement novel Olmsted organization ownership park party perceptions political popular production Pullman Pullman strike radical railroad realism reform regions represented Republican role seemed served social society space spectacle strike style Sullivan Thomas Eakins tion tive ture Turner union urban values vision wealth West White City Whitman word workers working-class World’s Columbian Exposition writes wrote York.


Trachtenberg looks at the shifting of meaning within the American view of labour the ways in which the pre Republican ideal of “free labour”, the ideal of the autonomous skilled labourer who would one day be a proprietor and a property owner was replace A classic look at the changes in American society during the s the years of Twain’s “Gilded Age”, the the years of railway expansion and labour violence and the emergence of the corporation as a key feature of the American economy.

Culture and Society in the Gilded Age By. By clicking on “Submit” you agree that you have read and agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

The book also emphasizes the irony that the products of labor are essentially packaged and sold back to the laborers in an unrecognizable invorporation. With politics becoming increasingly tied to business interests, populism gained traction, especially in rural areas.

What we are presented with is a blur of argumentation an effect heightened by Trachtman’s sprawling sentences and often page-long paragraphsconstantly recoiling on alqn, from which can be extracted certain standard motifs: Second, inJefferson had emerged the victor in the winner-take-all-sweepstakes that was a struggle over the identity and future vision of America with Federalist corporatist, Alexander Hamilton.

Good for classroom use, general introduction to the Gilded Age, and Ph. But more than a half century after their deaths, the battle over the American identity and future would be fought again and this time Jefferson would lose by proxy. Jul 11, Ja rated it liked it.

Trachtenberg explores how the industrial revolution and the expansion of the capitalist system influenced culture in the United States. Many of the foundations laid during this era have reached fruition in contemporary American culture and are spreading through globalization.


There’s definitely has a lot material here if you wanted to figure out what part of the s interested you the most. Culture and Society in the Gilded Age American century series. Contents The Westward Route.

It seemed the victory of elites in business, politics, and culture over dissident but divided voices of labor, farmers, immigrants, blacks, and women” Sign in via your Institution Sign in. Andrew rated it it was amazing Alann 09, The book includes a variety of interesting and valuable insights. It amerixa this last observation, which Trachtenberg describes via his incredible analysis of the “White City” at the Chicago World’s Fair, that I found most revelatory.


The Incorporation of America: Like there’s a lot of mentioning of the fight over who’s going to the architect of the Chicago World’s Fair. Sign up here to receive your Trafhtenberg alerts. Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford. Michaele rated it it was ok Oct 07, The overall traachtenberg of “the incorporation of America” is brilliantly conceived and effectively binds together the book’s broad scope into a digestible argument, but at times the connections between the topic at hand and the word “incorporation” and between the varied uses of the word “incorporation” felt tenuous.

The Incorporation of America – Alan Trachtenberg – Google Books

For example, the creation of time zones and the links forged between education and industry work to transform previous social norms into a new mechanical age. Ciaran rated it really liked it Feb 06, Most importantly, in this fight over values, the state came down on the side of capital to the point of inflicting violence on its own citizens.

May 01, Mike Hankins rated it liked it Shelves: Article PDF first page preview. However, “The Incorporation of America” ignores race and almost completely ignores gender. On the one hand, machines represented progress, but they also signified the growth of poverty and poor industrial conditions. Jul 11, Dan Gorman rated it it was amazing Shelves: The book begins by looking at a number of myths that arose in the wake of the rise of business. But, in the end, this is a book about fhe death of the original American ideology.

As far as reading for pleasure goes, I found it hard to get through; the American Studies style tested my attention span how long can one paragraph be? An interesting study of the factors which contributes to the transformation of the United States during the latter part of the 19th century. May 15, Ernie rated it liked it Shelves: Trachtenberg weaves the concept of incorporation throughout the diverse topics of Westward movement, violence against Native Americans, incorpofation, capital and labor, urban development, the growth of middle class cultural values, realism, and the Columbian Exposition.