On Being a Pagan Alain de Benoist Preface by Stephen Edred Flowers Translated by Jon Graham Edited by Greg Johnson ULTRA Atlanta, Georgia Ultra. What is paganism? In this penetrating and tightly argued manifesto, French philosopher Alain de Benoist seeks to answer this question with. 21 Aug Request PDF on ResearchGate | On Mar 1, , Edward Dutton and others published On Being a Pagan – By Alain de Benoist.

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Sighthor rated it really liked it Feb 15, In some ways it is the anti-city. The message is clear.

On Being a Pagan, by Alain de Benoist | Spiral Nature Magazine

Independently of the fact that an opposition is never as clear-cut in reality as it is from the— necessary — viewpoint of analytical convenience, it seems important to first avoid any reflexive usage of the very notion of “Judeo-Christianity,” which is the subject of controver- sy among both Christians and Jews and is not free of ambiguity.

Does that mean you will agree with every point de Benoist makes in this book? This is not to say that the universe is doomed to absurdity.

At the end, if I had to compare this book to one of the works of Nietzsche much to the delight of the author, no doubt I would choose “The Birth of Tragedy”, yet not because of content: Manifesto for a European Renaissance. They may dress up in silly anachronistic costumes, but in their souls, and in their social and political attitudes, they very often conform to Judeo-Christian norms.

The fundamental good of cultural variety is therefore allegedly derived from a “transgression” exact- ly as the entrance into history was the result of Adam’s transgres- sion. If the world did not exist, God would not miss it nor would it be a loss of any kind to him.


But this is not the perspective we take. In pagan- ism he participates, according to his rank and specific modalities, in the entirety of alainn that exists.

But now that he is here, he should scrupulously examine his actions. Man is an animal, but he is not only an animal.

On Being a Pagan, by Alain de Benoist

Christ as logos is subsumed here into a Platonic hierarchy of demiurges placed in an ascending order of being. Bwing Covenant he concludes symbolically seals this castration. The invention of the Oedipus complex would therefore be a denial of the true history of Oedipus, a manner of repressing it in the Freudian sense of the term.

The boastful condemnation of Christianity as a submissive doctrine is a stark misinterpretation of Christian philosophical tenets. After Abraham, Moses repeats this commitment.

On the other hand, the super-nature payan man-as-man has given himself is compensated for and invalidated by the dec- laration of an even stronger “super-nature,” one that is supernatu- ral in the proper sense of the term, inaccessible because it is absolute, and belongs only to Yahweh, the unique creator of all tangible reality.

This is just how it is on every level of life. Leave a Reply Cancel comment reply The comment section of Arktos Journal will be regulated by standards consonant to the principles of the project itself. This only serves to emphasize the “naturalistic” character of what the Bible con- demns as “idolatry” and logically interprets in terms of “adultery”: He uses the geographic metaphor of the desert to compare the monotheistic idea with its vast universal inevitability.

What Freud and psychoanalysis mean by repression is not the work of the child, pulling from circulation a reality he or she experienced in such a way that it has become too intolerable to keep in memory, but that of the parent now outside the conscious grasp of the child In terms of the rabbinic teachings defined by Dr Gottfried, was not Patan in rebellion precisely against these; against the outward forms of rabbinism that Jesus regarded as blasphemy?


I sincerely hope the deceptive cover succeeds in drawing greater attention to this work, as its message is one which should be heard, understood and intelligently integrated into modern Paganism that has yet to shake its past. It is a society with a deafening clamor of rekindled hatreds matched only by the deafening clamor of the inauthentic and the inessential.

Alain de Benoist, Paganism and the Neo-Christian West – Arktos

Eighteenth century philosophers would resuscitate pagxn vision with the myth of the “noble savage. Presuming such a state is possi- ble and isn’t, as I guess it might be, a form of radical unbelief. This condemnation is made by means of an absolute swindle. There has been no beginning, or rather, if there was one, it was the start of a new cycle. His double nature is derived from this ambiguity.

On Being A Pagan

Left to its own devices When it comes to specifying the values particular to pagan- ism, people have generally listed features such as these: This creates a perpetual sense of self-loss within one’s own state of unfulfillment.

We will later see that in this perpetually recurring bib- lical “family story,” a constant disqualification of the eldest son to the benefit of his youngest brother, can also be found.

As long as he was alone, Adam was unique.