reason that The Kingdom and the Glory may come to be seen not only as one of Agamben’s most important statements, but as the fundamental work of political. Agamben’s genealogy of economic theology highlights this complex bipolar leveled against Agamben’s The Kingdom and the Glory by Alberto Toscano. Ben said: The Kingdom and the Glory is an almost unbelievably erudite book, In short, Agamben argues at length that our forms of Kingdom, and our forms of.

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Alongside this question of transcendence and immanence, is also lgory question of the one and the many. For Agamben, the Trinity is at the heart what is at stake here. Flugie Agambwn rated it kijgdom was ok Nov 28, View all 5 comments. More in Philosophy—Political Philosophy. Lowith had argued that German idealist philosophy of history and Enlightenment progress were nothing more than the secularization of the theology of history and Christian eschatology.

There is certainly much to disagree with here, but it is a careful and thoughtful study from which I learned much. Agamben’s greatest contribution with this book is probably that it unravels the history of the term ‘economy’.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. For a bizarrely contemporary parallel to Agamben’s analysis of the “empty throne,” see the recent book The Empty Chair written from a devotional perspective.

What is the relation between economy and Glory?

On the contrary, we have tried to show that this comes about because doxologies and acclamations in some sense constitute a threshold of indifference between politics and theology” p. For all the textual analysis and detail, Agamben advances a fairly straightforward argument: Lots going on in this final chapter.


This is done by a bold move into a discussion of the early Christian patristic literature on the nature of the Holy Trinity as an oikonomia, an economy. Nevertheless, after this book, the theoretical and empirical investigation of power relations in our societies surely cannot remain the same.

Agamben notes that one of those debates about the status of the idea of secularization took place in the s. Agamben’s answer – or at least the answer he finds in theology – is: In the early centuries of the Church, in order to reconcile monotheism with God’s threefold nature, the doctrine of Trinity was introduced in the guise of an economy of divine life.

The theology of glory constitutes, in this sense, the secret point of contact through which theology and politics continuously communicate and exchange parts with one another” pp. For Schmitt, it instantiates the possibility of civil war within God, and is thus a genuine political-theological prac- tice Schmitt, b: The issue is that somewhere a chiasmus slips into the apologetics: For Agamben, Peterson was right to seek a demolition of a certain kind of monarchical political theology, but completely misses the possi- bility of an economic one.

Any conception of man, that conceives of them through the prism kihgdom economy, being political or otherwise, dooms man to the cage of the homo economicusand of government. Why has power in the West assumed the form of an “economy,” that is, of a government of men and things?

Inoperativity is the seventh day, essentially, and heaven: The empty throne is not an early recognition of the futility of the sovereign paradigm of power, but, as Agamben will argue, the Downloaded from tcs.


Ceremonies, protocols, and liturgies still exist gloty, and not only where monarchical institutions persist.

The Kingdom and the Glory: For a Theological Genealogy of Economy and Government

However, Foucault does not appear to realize, according to Agamben, how much more intimately tied are sovereignty and government in this terminology due to the way they are founded Downloaded from tcs. Andrew Gripp rated it it was ok Dec 01, In the same way, liturgies and ceremonies bridge the gap between auctoritas and potestas, between Kingdom and Government. In practice, Agamben has transferred the method of inquiry used by jurists – the analysis of the text of laws – from a context of proximity and homogeneity comparing the text of a constitution to subsequent laws or to another constitution to the wild, complex non-textual space of history.

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Review of Kingdom and the Glory by Giorgio Agamben | Mitchell Dean –

This is some achievement. In short, Agamben argues at length that our forms of Kingdom, and our forms of Government, and the relat The weirdest book on Trinitarian history you will ever read. The current book falls into two parts, which, though not marked in Downloaded from tcs.

Routledge and Kegan Paul. Previous books include The Constitution of Poverty: What could be considered the central tenet of his politico-philosophical elaboration of the past fifteen years in fact reads: Mar 18, sologdin rated it really liked it Shelves: