Items 1 – 21 of 21 Put the edge back in horror survival with the AFMBE Character Journal. “We few, we rotting few, we band of zombies; For he today that eats. I’ve been so desperate for new AFMBE content that I reviewed the Band of Zombies is a sourcebook for an alternate universe’s World. Re: Band of Zombies – is AFMBE no longer popular? Honestly, I’ve never gotten this argument when it comes to Unisystem. 99% of Unisystem rules are.

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Inside you will find: For instance one zombie is a howler it makes the sound of a distressed human to lure its prey then it and it’s pack get lunch. He has worked in video game journalism since and is also a paid consultant for Konami and The Pokemon Company.

This 4 panel screen, measuring 9″ x 28″, on one side will have easy to reference charts and tables for the Zombie Master while the other side will show the players the shambling commandos! Use the Contact Page to submit reviews or let us know if you have any questions. Promotional flyer for your local game store can be downloaded here.


Each friend has found his own niche in the zombie Apocalypse, but this one player decided to throw in his own twist.

We had one that was a schizophrenic clown that was molested by a clown as a child which presented this character with a great deal of hate for himself and the rest of humanity. Any players that throw you a curve ball?

We also have a dozen other sourcebooks and supplements as additional add-ons to help expand your survival bamd in the world of All Flesh Must Be Eaten! Submit a new link. This will also include any stretch rewards unlocked.

Get listed as “Private” in the credits page of the book. There’s more bans a zombie than just afme walking corpse. The sheer amount of mechanics, new creatures and items are here for you to design your own WWII era campaign. That sounds like an intense game man! This 16 page expanded character journal for the hardcore player! And the world feared them. He has since retired from writing, but clearly shows up now and again.


I had no real interest in the subject matter or time period. You have no clue as to why they have returned In reality their sick leader is just using the men to zombiss off to even more of the carnage.

Questions about this project? When they come shambling out of the dark, will you stand tall or join the armies of the dead?

Eden Studios, Inc. – Band of Zombies Sourcebook

Sucks that it had to end so fast. With bonusses in shotguns, lockpicking etc Luckily he really liked to kill zombies. No Comments Jun 5, Each setting details the reasons why the dead walk and how to kill them if they can be.

Please refrain from personal attacks and discriminatory racist, homophobic, transphobic, etc. He now has gotten together a group of puritan minded followers called the Neo Templars. Zkmbies not link to, request or encourage piracy in any way.

Your imagination is the only limit. Both I try to keep my player alive for plenty scares and close calls. Suddenly people found out the didn’t have why it takes to survive a zombie apocalypse. Everybody had to be themselves.

The virus has phases. He once tried to save a zoombies from a zombie grabbing his shoulder by shooting the zombies hand with a nail gun, pinning the hand to the player’s shoulder.

In my campaign since zmbies were playing themselves I had them all try to be as honest as they can about themselves.

The bus starts to have engine problems, so the Veteran gets it in his head that there’s too much weight in the vehicle. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Finally, we’ll add your store to our list of retailers on our website.


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Pledge level for new players! So strap on your rucksack, hoist your SMG, keep your socks dry, and for cripes’ sake, Private, don’t forget the call sign! Where a Japanese kamikaze pilot has no fear or qualms about crashing his plane because he knows he will come back to fight for Acmbe Hirohito afterwards. Below is the image of the custom d10 in the 7 dice set. The extra undead were an unexpected highlight to me, as I loved the idea of Vlad Tepes returning to wage war on both sides and trying to make Romania the home for vampires, or the Ancient Egyptians rising and wanting all these crazy white people out zombeis their country.

Tabletop Review: Band of Zombies: A World War II Sourcebook (All Flesh Must Be Eaten)

Anyway, that player struggled to maintain his identity so much, od in-game nobody could say if he was really the person he claimed to be, or just some movie fan with a little mental problem.

Help us get this book done and to the printer There is so much actually historically accurate and detailed information in this book, you could probably use it as a citation for a paper.

Eden Studios Page Count: In the end one of the characters stole about 40 dollars from a cash register. The above image is licensed under Zomibes 2. Reward no longer available 9 backers.