Color map. The wilderness is the overland map of the Drakalor Chain – you start the game in the upper right corner of the wilderness, and you may enter a. The wilderness is the overland map of the Drakalor Chain. It is often regarded as a curse by new players, whose PC’s are killed in wilderness encounters and. ADOM Guidebook. Wilderness – color map.

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Improved ADOM Guidebook – Wilderness

Rolf asks you to slay the stone dragon king and return with its heart. PC must have received the Unicorn Quest. It is two keystrokes away from the starting position 1SW, 1W.

Yggaz the fool can be tamed by giving him some antediluvian alcohol. The stairs to the caves are found towards the top middle of zdom animated forest. Time spent moving depends on the square type the PC moved into there is some randomization, which is up to 10 min extra: Not possible to leave or revisit immediately.

The Ice Queen Domain. Tywat Pare awards gold pieces for killing Yergius. Entering it is believed to lower the final score. East of the Caverns of chaos after turns have passed. The heart of Ancardiaan artifact amulet, is found on the ground on the 16th level.

Can be found in any wilderness forest square in the west half of the wilderness; must ‘s’earch for it. Once entered, it displays the message “You enter a rather unremarkable cave complex. However, actions like changing equipment, eating, and drinking take significantly more in-game time in the wilderness. To the north is a peaceful dwarven guardian spirit and piles of bones.


This map fragment is generated on a trap, but it will automatically jump into the PC’s pack upon leaving its ID level. The overlord drops either the cornucopia or the horn of plenty when killed.

Leaving this dungeon places the PC on a random volcano on the wilderness map. And have exact timing. It appears on the wilderness map after turns have passed. Second level contains a wand of teleportation. The final level has a river, a special fungoid-spawning pool, and the unique fungoid overlord.


This 30x effect includes:. One of the 6 Random Dungeons. For a list of monsters that can be encountered while travelling through the wilderness, see encounters.

Available after receiving the Kill Keethrax quest. The stone circle is the only location in the game that is visible to all players yet can only be entered by some and even then only sometimes. Available after mmap the quest Save Yriggs. New players might want to grab items since having attack wand and ammunition with long bow can increase PC’s survivability. Zapping it increases satiation. After receiving this quest, the stone dragon caves can be found in the mountains to the west of the pyramid.

Visiting the volcano is widerness required to complete this quest line, but it will become inaccessible upon its conclusion. At low speeds, travel times can be multiple times longer. Darkforge is easily reachable, but extremely dangerous for low level players – even the upper level’s single steel golem can iwlderness deadly. One of the more remote locations in the game, home of Hawkslayer. Each jungle section is populated by a single type of dinosaurs, antediluvian orcs, antediluvian trolls, or spiders and giant centipedes.


An easy wind is going and you feel that life is rife with new experiences to make! The guild features a sequence of four chambers that are accessible by a secret door. It is unknown how the gleaming sickle “Harvester” can be generated.

When read it produces one of the following effects: One of the most dangerous mid-game locations due to constant fire damage – fire immunity helps the PC, protecting the items is less simple. The stairs down to it appear in Yergius’s room qdom the PC talks to Tywat Pare at level and receives the quest to kill Yergius. First, talk with Thrundarr about “Rolf”. It is revealed on the map by searching in the adjacent hill sdom while in possession of a good luck intrinsic.

The bishop of order in the temple gives some hints about the main quest line. The second level of the fortress is a dungeon level with a normal random layout.

The secret door to the east leads to the artifact unpick axeguarded by a willderness golem. In its unidentified form it appears as a red wildfrness. The first four levels have cavernous layouts, while the final level has a special adoom that includes the stone dragon king’s treasure hoard.

Contains four random artifacts. Available after receiving the quest to kill Katharamandus. Climbing set is needed to bypass some mountains but not for entering rift itself.