The sludge was characterized according to ABNT NBR /, following the procedures for obtaining leached extract (ABNT NBR /), to classify . Brazilian Association of Technical Norms, in ABNT NBR Procedure for obtention leaching extract of solid wastes (Rio de Janeiro, ), p. 16 8. Brazilian Association of Technical Regulation. Procedures for obtainment of leaching extract from solid residues. Rio de Janeiro: ABNT (NBR ).

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It should be noted that XRF determines the atoms present in the sample and not the compounds.

Study for vitreous waste recovery in the formulation of heavy clay ceramics

Hence, they are classified as hazardous by such organizations. Within this premise, the nbbr aims to take advantage of a residue from the manufacture of ceramic coating. Mechanical testing Compression tests were performed through tests of California bearing ratio CBR and Resilience Modulus RM to assess potential use of the residue in base and sub-base paving.

This study ranks waste of Abng monitors according to Brazilian NBR ABNT, a norm and performs different detoxification methods to evaluate their efficiency in downgrading a hazardous waste to a non-hazardous waste.

When observing the values given in Table 2it can be verified that RHA was classified as Class IIa not inert with values for sodium and manganese above the maximum limit. The ceramic residue used in this work provided by a Brazilian company from Santa Catarina state from the process of washing and residues of enamels.

Observing the values in Table 1it can be concluded that the residuals are not dangerous and 1005 to Class I.


Compression qbnt were performed through tests of California bearing ratio CBR and Resilience Modulus RM to assess potential use of the residue in base and sub-base paving. This decrease was expected due to the nature of the samples, which have organic matter in their composition.


The structural or heavy clay ceramics industry is a basic activity making civil construction possible, from bbr simplest to the most sophisticated. We chose a granular soil A given the nature of the organic residues; thus, avoiding associating certain residue behaviors with clay particles’ ones. The results of mechanical strength obtained by the diametrical compression method and the water absorption presented in the graph Figure 4.

The chosen glass component for this procedure was the funnel glass because it presented high lead concentration.

According to the results, both of them were classified as non-hazardous wastes at “Class II A” non-inert. Chemically, the residue showed larger amounts than those found in the literature of both aluminum and iron oxides, indicating that the use of coagulants exceeded the values of other WTPs, due to impurities present in these waters. The results were obtained from the arithmetic averages of three replicates with their respective standard deviations.

Moreover, the composition presented suspended materials such as sand and clayey material. Figure 4 Water absorption versus mechanical resistance to diametric compression of the formulations carried out in the research. As the waste content increases it also increased retraction, because of the waste having considerable amounts of fluxing materials as shown in Table 2which aids in the fusion of the piece, causing the retraction.

Rotator for non volatile substances TE-743

In this station, the largest sludge production occurs between May and June, which is a rainy period in Recife’s Metropolitan Area; therefore, surface materials are massively carried to water bodies. These solutions have as limiting factors groundwater and soil contamination organic fertilizer and land farmingcosts landfill and incineration and loss of mechanical strength clay pottery and fine aggregate. The CRTs were split into three, according to the previous delimitation Fig. There are no accurate data on total domestic production of sludge, but it is estimated that it exceeds three hundred thousand tons per year for each type of sludge.


January, 14, 40 CFR Part The next step was intended to evaluate whether the lead removal had been able to convert the CRT avnt a hazardous waste to a non-hazardous waste according to the Brazilian regulation.

Rio de Janeiro, a. Figure 7 plots that the RM of both mixtures are susceptible to large influence of confining stress and little deviation one except for lower deviation stress values. Although the sector has a great environmental degrading potential due to mineral extraction by the high consumption of clay. Effect on aesthetic quality and physical properties.

Silica is found in several mineralogical phases, agnt and non-clayey, especially quartz its purest natural form and kaolinite Al 2 Si 2 O 5 OH 4. The samples were molded into prismatic blades with dimensions of 6. Characteristics of fired clay bricks with waste marble powder addition as building materials.

This segment which mainly produces perforated bricks, solid bricks, slab components, hollow and structural blocks, tiles, shackles and rustic floors. In this scenario, the use of this waste in paving processes is a promising alternative for disposal thereof.