CONTENTS. Introduction PART 1: A NEW CHRIST by Wallace Wattles. Chapter 1 – His Personality Chapter 2 – His Attitude Chapter 3 – His Teachings About Man. Introduction 5. PART 1: A NEW CHRIST by Wallace Wattles Chapter 1 – His Personality Chapter 2 – His Attitude Chapter 3 – His Teachings About Man Wallace Wattles, This times I’ve decided to talk about a great book, yet still widely unknown: A New Christ.

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Lois Ninawati rated it liked it Aug 29, If some super-auditor could produce a tally sheet of man’s decisions over the ages, we wonder how the two columns would compare.

But we can use this power in reverse, and when we do so we pay.

Attired in this fashion, and wattkes a very strong odor of sanctity, two of these brethren were walking in the street one day, and were met by an old farmer, a typical Hoosier character. Books by Wallace D. Courage and self-assurance are ours wallaec increased measure when we identify with greatness beyond our own. God has a higher call for man than the keeping of certain days and places holy. Part of a series of articles on.

We shall develop along our own distinctive lines and as a result we shall be different from one another. These things are hidden from the wise and prudent and revealed unto babes. We may expect this kind of development, each toward his or her own perfection, without any of the things that cause trouble and disturbance within us, and through that disturbance, disease of the body.

Awakening films and tv series. Lazarus and his sisters were people of consequence. Our Father has provided the raw material for all the things essential to life, and He has provided a thousandfold more than we can use.

Infidel-Traitor; infidel to every church that compromises with wrong; traitor to every government that oppresses the poor. He was not crucified because His enemies gained a victory over Him; He went voluntarily to the cross, to make a demonstration which should finally show the truth to His disciples.


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His Kingdom, He says, is “not of this world”; that is, it is not on the same basis as the world’s kingdoms.

You will notice, as you read, that they were always ready to “take up stones” to end a dispute; often only the commanding personality of Jesus saved him from being stoned by these religious wallafe.

Wallace D. Wattles – A new Christ

This faith is the great bulwark of the sons of God, the rod and the staff to strengthen and comfort them in their need. Rockefeller; but our Wallacw have a much larger, richer, and more populous country to levy taxes on, and they have discovered methods of extortion which lay the crude ways of the monarchs of antiquity very far in the shade.

You; you who speak, are eternal mind; eternal power; eternal life. He saw himself as a successful writer, a personality of power, an advancing man, and he began to work toward the realization of this vision. Hxhvsspiders rated it it was amazing Apr 07, Whenever He went into a synagogue He watrles selected to read wallxce law and teach the congregation, as the wallaec best qualified for that work. It is said of Jesus that He “had compassion on the multitude, because they fainted, and were amazed, and were like sheep without a shepherd” Matthew 9: He could pray for no greater good than that they might be “one with the Father,” even as He was one with the Father.

Wallace Wattles

And when you x definitely established in your consciousness the fact of your unity with Spirit, then draw your deductions of health, peace, power and wealth from this fact, and affirm them; otherwise you may not demonstrate them, for while they are cnrist included in the fact of your unity with God, the hcrist assertion of that may not bring all the corollaries to your consciousness.

There you find that the disciples were crossing the fields on the Sabbath day, and that they plucked the ears of corn, and ate as they went. It invites cooperation by making the better way seem reasonable, sensible and desirable. Too many people have studied Jesus from the standpoint of some preconceived notion of Him or His mission, such an attitude always leads to erroneous conclusions.


A New Christ : Wallace D Wattles :

Study the intercessory prayer, as it is called, in the seventeenth chapter of John, and you will see that Jesus asks nothing for men except that they may be one in mind with God.

Certainly no man was ever more grossly misrepresented by succeeding generations, and especially by those who professed to be His friends and followers.

Every man is a God, according to Jesus, because it is Spirit which lives in man; He said to them: On this point I refer you to Matthew 9: It takes affirming and reaffirming to hew this fact fixed in consciousness, but all nw time you put into the work is most profitably spent. One is here greater than the temple, greater than the Sabbath, greater than the system, greater than the institution, greater than the Church or State.

The One-Minute Gratitude Journal.

The early churches were little commonwealths, and the purpose which they held with intense enthusiasm was the building of the world into one great commonwealth. Finding God in the Waves Mike Mchargue. If we think thoughts of Caesar’s world we give our allegiance to Caesar; but if we think the thoughts of Jesus, our allegiance is to the Highest Power for good.

The decision to embark upon this adventure to seek a more abundant life concerns ourselves first of all. Let me illustrate the meaning of this passage to you.