Read the chapter on Dispraise of the Hawa (desires) from Discipling the soul by Ibn Jawzi free online. al-Hafiz Abul Faraj ibn al-Jawzi Spirituality. explains a chapter written by Imam Ibn Al-Qayyem entitled, \”Dispraise the Lowly the chapter and shows how Muslims can avoid the lowly desires (Al- hawa). Imâm Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyyah/Saleh As-Saleh Language: English | Format: PDF | Pages: | Size: 3 MB A description and clarification about.

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It comprises the slavery of the heart, tongue, and limbs to Allaah.

If that which is riddenbecame inactive, the traveler would almost be disabled to proceed in his journey. Consequently, they deviated from the way of the Sahaabah and their followersfrom At-Taabi’een Ibid, That is why you see the alcoholic and Al-Jimaa’38 addict does not reach one-tenth of the enjoyment achieved by those who sometimes infrequently drink39 orengage in Al-Jimaa’.

I testify that La Ilaaha Illallaah worshipped except Allaah, without a partner orassociate, attesting to His Ruboobiyyah9 testifying to His Wahdaaniyyah Onenesssubmitting to Him because of my love of Him, conceding to Him inobedience, acknowledging His Bounty, fleeing to Him from my sins and faults, hopingfor His Pardon and Mercy, greatly desiring His Forgiveness; clearing myself to Him ofhaving neither a change from one condition to another nor power except by His will;seeking none other than Him as a Rabb nor taking other than Him as a Protector and aTrustee; taking refuge in Him, resorting to Him for shelter, desiringno change or deviation whatsoever in my ”Uboodiyyah[Q to Him.

In fact, it has been confirmed that the Prophet said: This does not necessarily mean that the rest of conditions required toauthenticate the Isnaad chain of narrationnot to mention the hadeeth itself, are usuallymet.

We praise Him, and seek His help and forgiveness. The followers ofRevelation and the followers of Al-Hawaa, And this is found in many places inthe Qur’aan, as in His saying: Since, for the most part, the one who obeys his Hawaa, lust, and anger does not abideby the limit of good exploitation, an unrestricted dispraise of Hawaa, lust, andanger is [normally] stated due to the generally predominant harm [arousing fromexceeding the limits in these matters]. Assome of As-Salaf said: If it enters intoworship it will deviate him chspter obedience and means of closeness [to Allaah].


The od of Islaam is the way of life prescribed by Allaah. It has been called Hawaa because it throws down its follower. By Your Might, I am afraid that no one willenter it. Fear Allaah [by doing all that He ordered and abstaining fromall that He forbade] as He should be feared [obey Him, be thankful to Him, andremember Him always] and die not except in a State Of Islaam.

Sometimes He changed their forms into that of monkeys and pigs.

A description and clarification about matters of the heart through which many people today are mislead. A style that pleases the heart and mind.

Religious speech conducted on Jumu ‘ah, ‘Eed, etc. The hadeeth is collected by Al-Bukhaareeand Muslim.

Dispraise of Lowly Desires (Al-Hawaa) – English – Dr. Saleh As-Saleh

He said in two places of His Book: So you see him often repeating the [followingstatement]: Inevitably, theremust be a — influence upon [a person’s] attitude by one of his companyand in a certain manner.

A learnedFaqeeh, devout, and respected scholar. Tell it that most of the day of fasting has gone and that the Eed whereonthe meeting will occur is getting closer lest long ages pass by delaying it Appointing a person in charge of an office or chxpter authority over a thing town, district,country, province or the like.

Have you [O Muhammad seen him who has taken as his Ilaah[god] his own Hawaa?

A Chapter On The Dispraise Of Al-Hawaa Pages 1 – 50 – Text Version | FlipHTML5

Go back to it. In this regard, Umar Bin Al-Khattaab used to quote thefollowing poem: Would you be then a Wakeel [a protecting guide] over him? The slowest in his ability to stand up amongst those thrown down onthe Day of the Resurrection is the one whose thrown in a state of Sara’ by his lusts If he does not differentiate betweenwhat hurts or benefits him, or, in the case he realizes this but prefers what is harmfulto him, then the status of an unintelligible animal is better than his.


Imaam Ibnul-Qayyim expounds upon the true understanding of Zuhd as held by the Salaf, and the innovated understanding that many Soofees stick to. Hadeeth byrenown Hadeeth scholars. The fully documented and authenticated reports from the Muhadditheen regarding thefitnah gave us the true positions of the Sahaabah regarding this matter. The truth,Zuhd, and guidance is one authority. The army of falsehood will have access to the heart only from its direction andfrontier breaches, for it pervades the heart and aligns itself with its enemy against it the heart and thus the calamity will overtake it.

Certainly this is better and more beneficial to this than taking pleasure in followinghis Hawaa. That he should not choose for himself a state such that the unintelligible animal isbetter than him. He continued his efforts against corrupt beliefs and innovations after thedeath of Ibn Taymeeyah.

A Chapter on the Dispraise of Al Hawaa Lowly Desire Ibnu Qoyyim Al Jauziyah 243

Abstinence from what is unlawful and base, virtuousness and decency. I testify that there is no true God worthy of being worshipped exceptAllaah, alone, without partner or associate. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Indeed, the judgment respect of a thing is the same as respectingthe like.

He migrated twice, once to Abyssinia the first migration and the second toAl-Madeenah. Consequently, he drives himself into destructive paths to attain what is demandedby the habit. Let him lead his heart through the consequences of Al-Hawaa and contemplate: Verily, by your life [O Muhammadin their wild intoxication, they were wanderingblindly.

A Chapter On The Dispraise Of Al-Hawaa

Keeping his good standing in Allaah and in the hearts of Allaah’s ‘Ibaad. The opposing of Al-Hawaa inherits strength in the heart, tongue and body of[Allaah’s] ‘Abd.

Allaah has made the wrong and the following of Al-Hawaa. A determined free will: If it had notbeen for his inclination to food, drinks, and marriage, he would have not eaten, drank,or married.