Page 1. Page 2. Page 3. THE 6SL7GT COMBINES TWO INDEPENDENT HIGH-MU TRIODES IN ONE ENVELOPE. IT. IS DESIGNED PRIMARILY FOR PHASE INVERTER SERVICE. GE 6SL7 Datasheet. If the page is blank click here GE 6SL7 Datasheet. Interesting Books on Amazon. Latest; Popular; Comments; Tags. Main-Decoder.

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Philipswhich is a Long Plate 6SL7, with some extra specifications, which made them useful as switching tubes. So during those 50 years, these cheap crap tubes get always kicked out by somebody.

The printing is so clear and bright, also that looks like printed on it just yesterday too. They are very nice hifi tubes as well. These are all we have for sale at this moment. Look at the above Tim C May 26, at 8: Note, it has twice the filament current, triple mica, four getters, and and an d Datasheeg not sold for commercial purposes. Those Loctal equivalents of popular Octal tubes are still mostly overlooked.

Mint Quality tubes, in Original military Boxes, with the lot number on it, and some more information Date stamp Compared to the micanol base version:. You need to understand what that does to supplies in stock rooms. Read the rest here.

JJ Electronic – 6SL7

Everything is good now. Tung-Sol made these in different variations:.


Sorry, there is a bit of a 6SL7 hype at the moment. When I see a bird that walks like a duck and swims like a 6sk7 and quacks like a duck, I call that bird a duck.

Here is a quote from the datasheet:. The 7F7 deserves it’s own tube of the month post. Made in England, with Amplitrex computer test certificate included.


You are right to say this is a fine sounding tube. This here is Sylvania, finest ‘s date code, military material. Or does it explain something else? I discovered by accident the center channel needs a 6SL7 rather than a 6SN7 to drive the Don’t know what that number means. Posted by VinylSavor at What means “must have been Lovely, much sought brown base, and colored printing. For half a century, they were regarded crap.

Boxes nice and clean. Beautiful photography and excellent information as usual. Original box, with small control paper inside, code number on paper is the same as on the tube But honestly, would you today store some 20 years old replacement parts in a stock room, which cost you money, while you see definitely no application for them any more, and you let them in there for 40 more years?

A close up of the one with black base:. These Siemens are are displayed with this text: And when space is money, 50 years is a VERY long time. Just take two, and it’s a pair! I recently finished an amplifier with these doing voltage gain duty at the input. These have a nice low loss micanol base.


6N9S = 6SL7 = 6SU7 = ECC35 tube. Double triode

From the official data sheet link here dataasheet difference can be seen when comparing it with the commercial version. Mark May 28, at 2: Indeed, another lovely set of photos.

Military box, with date code and more information. Now suddenly we get regularly requests, we have regularly sales, even with prices go up, and no new stock arrives any more. Another version which only has a different color printing on the base. And today, after they became expensive after all, they finally dstasheet be sold, and of course datashheet come out crispy like now. White logo on socket. With this tube, we have another of those typical NOS stories building up. These can be in “stand by” for a 6zl7 time, which is not allowed for regular 6SL7, as the cathode would get bad from this.

We have still many of those, but people apparently LOVE to wait until they get less, and then jump on the boat at doubled prices. Just thought I’d add that the 7F7 is a loctal variant of the 6SL7. Well fair enough with me: Like in the basement, a barn, or an attic.