Hello to everyone, I took my tranny down from the x5 is, due to jolt gears when hot!, and i am about to order the rebuild kit for it,i. ZF 5HP24 Custom Rebuild Bundle. This Will Include Every Possible Item Needed to Correctly Rebuild and Update Your Transmission. Input Clutch Drum. Find great deals for 5hp24 AUDI BMW VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT Transmission Rebuild Overhaul Kit TA. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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I was unable to detect or measure wear in any of the bearings, frictions or steels which I thought was impressive after the miles put on the car. We had already measured from the tranny plug to the EGS plug and each wire came in at under 1 ohm.

The actual rebuild job 5gp24 relatively simple.

Notes from a recent transmission rebuild (ZF 5HP24) – Jaguar Forums – Jaguar Enthusiasts Forum

Xoutpost server transfer and maintenance is occurring The transmission shifts as always and the new Torque Converter appears to have cured the driveline vibration as well as occasional harsh downshifts I think were caused by the lock up clutch in the TC failing to release. Wear at the spring end of the bore debuild line pressure to exhaust resulting in low line pressure, soft shifts and burnt clutches.


Bill The writeup is posted at https: It’s been 5 years, prolly better ones out there by now, and besides, I don’t have those links anymore.

When I lined up the torque converter and tranny, I did have some problem with the TC binding on the flywheel, but I backed out the tranny and was able to to turn the torque converter, to get it to a point where things seem to fit together with no binding.

The input sensor was around ohms, the output sensor at ohms, they should be between and or so. The pressure spikes can still occur and are caused by wear in the pressure regulator valve bore in the lower 5yp24 valve body, Refer to Figure 3. Originally Posted by RRPhil. I did not follow any instructions other than: The most complex part was removal rebuils re-installation from the car, made more difficult as I was: Plums Happy to do that – I hadn’t thought of an attachment.

Your question will be posted in:. Rebjild sourced the rebuild parts off e-bay. If I had to do it again, I would.

Notes from a recent transmission rebuild (ZF 5HP24)

Prices all seem to be in the same ball park as when I did the job. I used no formal guides.

This draws erbuild converter hub too far out of the pump drive gear causing the gear to rock. The drum is breaking in the snap ring area due to un-commanded pressure spikes. Ed, did you soak the clutches in ATF? Thanked Times in Posts. Lots of courage tearing into a for the most part working autobox.


I have read of some completing the repair without doing a complete 5gp24 down and re-assembly. With the exception of metal fragments embedded in the frictions in the A clutch, I found no other damage. I took the tranny apart, and found essentially no wear. Overhaul Kit 5HP24Tranny numbers: Using the part numbers found under Service Information, replace the pressure regulator valve and the lower front valve body.

Fingers crossed, so far I’m v happy with the result. Thanked 2, Times in 1, Posts.

5hp24 AUDI BMW VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT Transmission Rebuild Overhaul Kit T13202A

The time now is As a replacement item it would be easy to change out on its own. No more practice please, I like doing things like this one time, the second time it becomes “work”.

Your document may be of interest as a permanent download if you so desire.