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used for the same purpose as defined in Tables 1 and 2 in 22 TCN The materials must comply with specified grading and plasticity. 22 TCN CONSTRUCTION METHODS. Prior to laying the sub-base or base, the Contractor shall correct any deformations, ruts, soft spots or other. 22 Tháng Mười Hai 22 TCN *) Quy trnh th nghim xc nh CBR ca t, dm trong phng th nghim. 22tcn cac lop ao duong cap phoi thien nhien – thi.

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Ngi phi hp vi my phi trnh lm vic ngay trong phm vi my ang thao tc.

The traffic counts are tabulated in Appendix F. Kim tra ngu nhin kch thc bc mt s ch nghi ngi v nht thit phi 22tcj nh cp v lu ln mt bc cp. The pavement designs were not suitable for the actual traffic and this would have inevitably resulted in early pavement failure.

Vic b tr on th nghim c th gm nhiu on ngn hn hon ton do t vn quyt nh da theo cc iu kin thc t ti ch cho 22gcn i nhiu b dy v m hn. Thus not only do they avoid going through Buon Ma Thuot city, thereby saving 70km, they also avoid the toll station near Buon Ho town.

Table 2 below gives summary on total number of vehicle weighted, estimation on loading status noted by field surveyors and the conversion factors for each vehicle type calculated from data of the survey. In this case it is useful to examine the structure more closely of sections that are nominally the same but are performing differently.


LVRR Asset Management Rural roads are valuable assets that require effective management in terms of ensuring that they are not subjected to tasks beyond their design capacity. My xc cc loi – Lm ng tm my xc gu nghch. No adverse comments were received from the local supervision team on the subsequently as-delivered materials. The markedly different performance of sections of the same design but built by different contractors, further indicates that the quality of materials and the quality of construction probably significant factors.

According to local information, a considerable volume of truck traffic travelled at night on the trial road. These were associated to number reasons: Thi cng n mn phi tun theo cc quy nh sau: Light brown clay with fine gravel 5mmappears the same material as above. Thi cng th nghim v ly mu th nghim.

TCVN 9436 – 2012 Nen Duong Oto Thi Cong Va Nghiem Thu

Cc k hiu nh du trong mi c ngha sau: Small variations reductions in thickness are allowed if the materials exceed these minimum strength requirements but there is no readily available method within normal design procedures for dealing with materials that do not meet these minimum requirements.

Sealed 22tvn in good condition. Thit k s lu, trnh t lu v tc lu. Drainage still functioning well.

22 TCN 06 Ao duong mem | Phạm Văn Luân –

There are load limit signs along the road but drivers do not comply with these restrictions. Khi dng lu chn cu, lu chn ng, lu chn ng c vu phi c lu bnh nhn phi hp lm phng B II. Trc v trong qu trnh thi cng nn ng phi lun c cc bin php thot nc hin trng k 304-30 i 340-03 nc mt v nc ngm to thun li cho vic bo m tin v cht lng thi cng, ng thi khng nc nh hng n dn c ln cn. The number of heavy trucks is therefore unknown. Mp ta luy con trch phi cch nh ta luy o ti thiu l 5 m.


This analysis takes no account of any weaknesses in the materials in the surfacing or base layers that were removed before the DCP tests were carried out so these traffic estimates are therefore maximum values. Because there are trucks of this category have same laden capacity of heavy truck 3 axles. During the current investigations, visual and laboratory evidence indicates that the as-built Penetration Macadam, WBM and DBM pavement layers contain significant oversize material.

BUON HO ROAD – Research for Development

Nn tr liu vic tn dng t hu c bc ra cho cc khu cng vic hon thin nn ng. Vic khi phc tuyn phi c thc hin theo cc quy nh ti 6. The only section that appears to be failing despite reasonable strength is part of BH 5. The existing surface was seen to be in poor condition and composed of sub-standard quality gravely silty clay.

Quan st bng mt, cc on nn ng hon thnh phi chuyn tip u n, khng li lm, khng gy khc k c v b rng v mi ta luy. Phi l thot nc theo ng bn v thit k. Tn cc loi t tng ng vi phn loi TCVN