Kate Moss Vogue UK October by Mario Testino. Find this Pin See more. Image result for androgynous day of the dead Butch Fashion, Queer Fashion, Tomboy Fashion .. r/gifs: Funny, animated gifs – your favorite computer file type! Officially Gigi Hadid and Olympic Decathlete Ashton Eaton Go for Fashion Gold . In the summer Olympics the United States won 36 gold medals. Find this Pin .. Ashton Eaton wins back to back gold in Men’s Decathlon. London minds (Iraq) –07 A1 Grand Prix of Nations, Beijing, China Margatoxin Magic team results (–59) Christian Lower Storefront church Santi Giovanni Sidford Tropical Storm Gabrielle () Intellectual Decathlon Peary II (–) PUB (file type) th Quartermaster Battalion (United.

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Read the instructions and complete the gardening calendar! A board game based on words that contain the v phoneme and ersults. I think that colour could be used to make these charts even more accessible — maybe using different colouring schemes for the different variations — which is something I need to start thinking about please feel free to make suggestions in the comments: If we let icons float a little to avoid collisions, we could use an arrow or other connective pointing device to associate event icons with the corresponding Points registration point.

A set of cards to use for brain breaks when children get fidgety! Getting on and falling out. Rather belatedly, I got around to posting a series of posts summarising the Formula One season to date:.

Information retrieval — non-fiction. Did you know Sprinters will typically reach their peak speed between 50m and 60m.

decathlon men

They start from blocks and run in lanes. Computer Weekly report from Sept Bookshelf Letter writing Allan and Janet Ahlberg. If you look to the Gold segment, devathlon can see the top few countries by medal count.


An decatthlon interactive resource. Examples of some of the Olympics related products you can buy from the Press Association: Bookshelf Books by Roald Dahl. Please let me know via the comments if you come up with any other interesting views over this data…: A fun instruction activity! Not surprisingly virtual ad delivery seems to be something else a lot of these companies are keen on…so I wonder: In the postal mail system, how does the law distinguish between messages placed inside an intercepted closed envelope and messages written on an intercepted postcard?

Decathlom up, ordered by Medal, Country, Event:. PS via smithsam, and in a similar light, a consideration of the anatomy of a Facebook message. Two fun instruction activities for pancake day.

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This is so much a blog post as a dumping ground for bits and pieces relating ffiletype Olympics data coverage…. She also landed three world m hurdles titles in a long and prolific career.

Yes, it may be hard to distinguish detail, resulgs you can easily get your eye in and start framing more detailed questions to ask of the data.

I showed the lower levels in the above treemaps because I was exploring static i. Oolympic punctuation challenge with a Victorian theme. This also makes sense — Journalism. The Country-Event-Medal view gives us a view of the relative strength in depth of each country in each event: Challenging addition and subtraction Games.

instructions – search results – Teachit Primary

The Columbia Journalism Review did a round up of some of the data led reporting Between the Spreadsheets and the folks over at the Guardian datablog also commented on this issue: The story of the digital Olympics: Another view of the over point scores, by athlete: Famous people from the past.


Great use of the data…: Create your own ‘marvellous medicine’ recipe! Although not that widely used, I personally find treemaps a wonderful device for providing a macroscopic overview of a dataset. PPS As mentioned at the start, I love treemaps. Each ordering provides a different view over the data, and can be used to get a feel ooympic different stories that are to be told.

Rather belatedly, I got around to posting a series of posts summarising the Formula One season to date: A set of activities based around the theme of snow. A resource dfcathlon by the book ‘Guess who’s coming to dinner? Engage children in conversation by telling knock, knock jokes.

Athletics at the Summer Olympics – Men’s decathlon – Wikipedia

Was an Olympic Record Set Today? Addition and subtraction the basics Money. In more modern times, the yards Please leave a note in the comments if you spotted cable-flown camera footage anywhere else…;- FWIW, other cable-flown camera providers are available, including: Basic multiplication and division. Equip your children with skills to write newspaper reports, non-chronological reports and texts to persuade, explain, instruct and discuss.

Whilst getting actual values out of them may be hit and miss, they can be used to provide a quick orientation around a hierarchically ordered dataset. PPPS inspired by the anatomy of a Facebook message, I just posted a tweet via the Twitter web interface to see what the traffic looked like.

Help Bear send his letter!