CHEVROLET SILVERADO V8 L L V6 L LS BASE GAS 4X4 2WD REGULAR CAB EXTENDED CAB LONG BED SHORT. View and Download Chevrolet Silverado Pickup owner’s manual Automatic Transmission Manual Transmission Four-Wheel Drive Operation (If. Express Limited” for Chevrolet Motor Division whenever it appears in .. to a vehicle or because of what the repair costs were. G (Passenger).

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Chevrolet Silverado Owners Manuals

These numbers on an oil container show its viscosity, or thickness. How This Section is Organized This maintenance schedule is divided into five parts: Depending on the system you have and the setting selected, you can send cooled or heated air to the rear of the vehicle. Electronic Climate Control System The auto recirculation feature will activate when the following are true: Additional windshield breakage may also occur from checy right front passenger air bag.

Page Electrochromic Mirror Operation The time period you need to press and hold the TEMP button to turn the electrochromic feature on or off is fifteen seconds. Static electricity discharge from the container can ignite the gasoline vapor. Message Center Message Center The message center is located on the left side of the instrument panel cluster.

Ownegs see your selling dealer for details. Refer to the Truck Camper Loading Information label in glove box for dimensions A and B as shown in the following illustration. Pickup Conversion to Manuual Cab General Motors is aware that some vehicle owners may consider having the pickup box removed and a commercial or recreational body installed. Your coolant surge tank pressure cap is a 15 psi kPa pressure type cap and must be tightly installed to prevent coolant loss and possible engine damage from overheating.


Chevrolet Silverado Owners Manual | eBay

They also let police know you have a problem. What is front axle reserve capacity, and how do I calculate it?

Page Readings in the low warning zone may occur when a large number of electrical accessories are operating in the vehicle and the engine is left at an idle for an extended period. When operating on slippery surfaces, downshift at lower than normal vehicle speeds to prevent the tires from slipping. If the vehicle is equipped with a hoist lock, open the spare tire lock cover on the bumper and use the ignition key to remove the lock. Keep in mind that an unsecured child restraint can move around in a collision or sudden stop and injure people in the vehicle.

Use the rear edge of the load floor for measurement purposes. Sprint – The total weight of all occupants and cargo inside the cab should not exceed lb. They could operate the power windows or other controls or even make the vehicle move.

The brand is known worldwide and sold in most countries. You will only be able to remove your key when the ignition is turned to LOCK. Air Bag Readiness Light There is an air bag readiness light on the instrument panel, which shows the air bag symbol. Chevrolet also won six consecutive Indianapolis races between and Then keep your windows closed for the air conditioner to work its best. As such, the brand is also the most successful manufacturer to be involved in NASCAR with a total of almost 40 titles and the most recorded wins.

Damage to your engine from neglected oil problems can be costly and is not covered by Know the terrain and plan your route. Here two children are wearing the same belt. To shut the tailgate, firmly push it upward until it latches.

Cruze – When both the fan control and mode knobs are in the AUTO position, the system will then automatically maintain the desired cabin temperature as selected by the temperature knob. As well as cars, the company also manufactures commercial vehicles and trucks, while some of their popular models include the Silverado, Camaro, and Corvette.


Remove the headlamp lens assembly as mentioned previously. If the level of the shoulder is only slightly below the pavement, recovery should be fairly easy. Auxiliary Battery Maanual Equipped The auxiliary cheyv provision can be used to supply electrical power to additional equipment that you may choose to add, such as a slide in camper. It will be necessary to adjust the compass to compensate for compass variance if you live outside zone eight.

Connect the vehicle to the towing vehicle. Page Safety and Security Services Automatic Notification of Air Bag Deployment If an air bag chevt, a priority emergency signal is sent automatically to the center.

Fold the seat cushion upward until it latches with the seatback. Electrochromic Inside Rearview Mirror with Compass and Temperature Display If Equipped Silveraso on, an electrochromic mirror automatically dims to the proper level to manial glare from lights behind you after dark. In cold weather, when the system senses the need for heat, the airflow will be directed out of the floor outlets.

Chevrolet Car manuals

Tonneau Cover If Equipped 1. Driving at Night Night driving is more dangerous than day driving.

It could fail suddenly and cause an accident. If you hear a hiss, wait for that to stop.