Cem Anos De Solidao [Gabriel Garcia Marquez] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Neste, que e um dos maiores classicos de Gabriel. 11 out. Stream Cem Anos De Solidao – Gabriel Garcia Marquez by VP Estudios from desktop or your mobile device. Um dia desses eu resolvi reler Cem Anos de Solido, porque percebi que, por mais que soubesse que um dos meus livros preferidos, eu no me lembrava muita .

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Finally published for the first time inSolitude sold millions of copies, establishing Marquez as a world renown writer, leading to his receiving the Nobel Prize in This will be a better life for all, a utopia, his people will prosper, the first born will appropriately be a Buendia, the son of Jose and Ursula, named after the founder of the town Jose Arcadio himself, soon another son Aureliano and daughter Amaranta, seven generations will live here, the last six, to be their birthplace.

Additionally, the two characters who predicted all the events of the novel were not even members of the Buendia family: She remains in the house after her husband dies, taking care of the household until her death. Perhaps I can only hint at a few of the striking features of the work that are so novel, so insightful, and which make it such a success in my opinion.

Your magical words and novels will be read View all 83 comments. View all 6 comments. What do they want? That said, One Hundred Years of Solitude is a masterpiece of narrative ability, and is itself unique as a statement, but reminiscent of many other great books: Alexa Slidao Analytics for the Web.

Aristotle in Poetics argues that a convincing impossibility in mimesis is always preferable to an unconvincing possibility. Trivia About One Hundred Years In his rush to get the bare bones on paper, he forgot to add the things which bring a story alive. You’re supposed to imagine the ants carrying only the carcass of what was moments before a lovely baby Also, it could be a play on the word “Ternura”, which in Spanish means “Tenderness”. Many years ago I was told this is one of those books you have to read before you die.


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No matter how much we want to change the world or how much we believe in a revolution or a new political ideal these good intentions often become warped when faced with the horrors of war and bloodshed. And when I finished it, I had the biggest smile on my face. It taught me that sun and rain follow each other, even though we might have to wait for four years, eleven months and two days for rain to stop falling sometimes.

Perhaps I can only hint at a few of the striking features of the work that are so novel, so insightful, and which make it such a success in my opinion.

Cem Anos de Solidão by Gabriel García Márquez

There’s a problem loading this menu right now. What are their motivations? Buendia builds a little village, in this hot tropical region, he believes is encircled by water, of only twenty adobe homes, though all are happy to stop and rest. History gets back at them again and again and every generation is but a repeat of the past. Revised 28 March Huh? Four of them later begin to live in Macondo, and in the span of several weeks all of them but one including those who chose not to remain in Macondo are murdered by unknown assassins, before any of them had reached thirty-five years of age.

I actually kept falling asleep as I read it, which is unusual for me. Authors of the last fifty years can credit Marquez’ influence in their own work. There are three main mythical elements of the novel: That’s useful to remember while reading, because that is certainly the tone the book tak One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez is a tremendous piece of literature.

Cem Anos de Solidão

So I ask and try to answer: Throughout the novel and the century of change to Macondo, all the Jose Arcadios were solitary individuals and inventors. Jose Arcadio Buendia conversed with Prudencio Aguilar until the dawn. His writing is so ssolidao, I anox the entire novel over the course of a day because I desired to know how the Buendias cyclical existence would either repeat itself or change once and for all.


I am surely not alone in uncovering some facet of the work that speaks so boldly and loudly to me. Now why wouldn’t he? Though concocted of quirks, ancient mysteries, family secrets and peculiar contradictions, it makes sense that it doesn’t always make sense but 1100 what gives the pleasure in dozens of little and immediate ways. Magical realism has been one of my favorite genres of reading ever since I discovered Isabel Allende and the Latina amiga writers when I was in high school.

Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. Marquez, like a god, has written the First Testament of Latin America, synthesising myth and magic to reveal the truth of the human condition, and called it One Hundred Years of Solitude. It might have been just another phase in the incestuous life of Macondo, like the 32 revolutions or the insomnia plague, but anoss and solitude cannot survive the gringos any more than they can avoid the 20th century. It’s the revolution that’s shooting you.

On an uber-disturbing note, Marquez has once again as he did in Love in the Time of Cholera written a grown man having sex with a girl as young as Most people who read for relaxation and entertainment will want to send Anoos hate mail. Between the prose and magical realism and a memorable story for the ages, One Hundred Years of Solitude is an epic, genre changing, extraordinary novel.

Furthermore, political and historical realities are combined with the mythical and magical Latin American world.