In , Sir Thomas Gray, a Northumbrian knight and constable of Norham castle , was ambushed and captured by the Scots. Imprisoned in Edinburgh castle. 13 Sep Abstract. Sir Thomas Gray’s Scalacronica is almost unique amongst medieval English chronicles in having been written by a knight, and it is. Thomas Gray in the ‘ Scalacronica,’ and now trans lated by the Right Hon. Sir Herbert Maxwell, Bart., continued. THE King being eager for arms and glory, and .

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The said King Edward, who had nearly all the people of Scotland in his power and possession of their fortresses, came before Stirling Castle, invested it and attacked it with many different engines, and took it by force and by a siege of nineteen weeks! It would be too lengthy a matter to relate [all] the combats and deeds of arms and evils for default of provender, and sieges which happened to him during the eleven years that he remained [there] during such an evil and disastrous period for the English.

You do not currently have access to this article. William Oliphant, a young Scottish bachelor, caused Stirling Castle to be garrisoned, not deigning to consent to John Comyn’s conditions, but claiming to hold from the Lion. Mac- Lehose and Sons. At which time ensued great passages of arms between the Marches, and notably in Teviotdale, before Roxburgh Castle, between Ingram de Umfraville, Robert de Keith, Scotsmen, and Robert de Hastings, warden of the said castle.

They captured and killed many; many horses lay dead, so that had they [the English] been on horseback, scarcely one would have escaped. The English squadrons being thrown into confusion by the thrust of pikes upon the horses, began to flee. Therefore, in order to obtain the King’s grace and pardon for this offence, Neville began to serve in the King’s war, wherein he died. It was started whilst he was imprisoned by the Scots in Edinburgh Castleafter being captured in an ambush in Octoberand completed in England after his release.

It becomes really valuable when he gets to his own time, or, rather, to the time of which he had authoritative knowledge. However, a close analysis of Gray’s text reveals that while he admired and respected acts of martial heroism, his attitude to the trappings of fourteenth-century chivalric culture was highly disdainful, and even cynical.

The castle held out for eleven weeks after, and at last capitulated to the Scots in default of relief, because it was not provisioned. They directed their course boldly upon the English army, which had been under arms all night, with their horses bitted. The women of the castle [then] brought out horses to their men, who mounted and gave chase, slaying those whom they could overtake. He also relied on stories gleaned from his father; the manner in which he integrated them with his written sources is equally revealing about his interests and priorities.


Depositor Login Administrator Login. While being held at Edinburgh Castle, Thomas began writing the Scalacronicaa history of England up to the reign of Edward the Third, with the work ending in The said King caused the town of Berwick to be surrounded with a stonewall, and, returning to England, left John de Segrave Guardian of Scotland.

The advanced guard, whereof the Earl of Gloucester had command, entered the road’ within the Park, where they were immediately received roughly by the Scots who had occupied the passage. Email alerts New issue alert. You can read more about our Privacy and Cookie Policy. In the allegorical prologue to the ScalacronicaGrey relates a dream in which Thomas of Otterbourne holds a five-runged ladder, the symbolism of which is explained by a sibyl.

By continuing to browse this repository, you give consent for essential cookies to be used. Robert de Bruce caused all the castles of Scotland, except Dunbarton, to be dismantled.

The Scalacronica starts with a well known literary dream sequence in which Gray names some of his written sources. This James de Douglas was now very busy in Northumberland. John [Perth], and the corpse of Roger de Mowbray was brought on a litter before the judges in the Parliament of Scone, and condemned.

The King sent the captain of the castle, William Oliphant, to prison in London, and caused the knights of his army to joust before their departure at the close of the siege. Sign In or Create an Account. Then he set forward at great speed, having of sclaacronica people and others, scarcely more than sixty all told.

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The Scalacronica of Sir Thomas Gray

He remained there two years and a half, performing there feats of arms, inflicting great destruction both upon provender and in other ways, and conquering much territory, which would form a splendid romance were it all recounted. Purchase Subscription prices and ordering Short-term Access To purchase short term access, please sign in to your Oxford Academic account above.

Home Research Durham e-Theses. The younger Gray has a good deal to tell us about the unhappy reign of Edward II.

The said King of England came thither for that reason, where the said constable Philip met him at three leagues from the castle, on Sunday the vigil of Saint John, and told him that there was no occasion for him to approach any nearer, for he considered himself as relieved.

The enemy mounted their horses and formed for action, thinking that they [the English] could not escape from them. This Gilbert, with adherence of others upon the Marches, rode upon a foray into Cleveland, and committed other great destruction, having the assistance of nearly all Northumberland, except the castles of Bamborough, Alnwick, and Norham, of which the two first named were treating with the enemy, the one by means of hostages, the other by collusion, when the said Gilbert was taken through treachery of his own people in the castle of Mitford by William de Felton, Thomas de Heton, and Robert de Horncliff, and was hanged and drawn in London.


Scalacronica. Translated by Sir Herbert Maxwell. (Mac- Lehose and Sons,

Spotted a problem with this article? May I deny my God if I do not rescue your person, alive or dead, or perish in the attempt! Those who went with him were saved; all the rest came to grief. Scalacroica Andy King has therefore done historians a good turn in re-editing this unusually interesting chronicle, annotating it and providing text and translation on facing pages in the modern way.

This King Edward the Second after the Conquest bestowed great affection during his father’s life upon Piers de Gaveston, a young man of good Gascon family; whereat his father became so much concerned lest he [Piers] should lead his son astray, that he caused him [Piers] to be exiled from the realm, and even made his son and his nephew, Thomas of Lancaster, and other magnates swear that the exile of the said Piers should be for ever irrevocable.

Gilbert de Middleton in the bishopric of Durham, plundered two Cardinals who came to consecrate the Bishop, and seized Louis de Beaumont, Bishop of Scalacroniica, and his brother Henry de Beaumont, because the King had caused his [Gilbert’s] cousin Adam de Swinburne to be arrested, because he had spoken too frankly to him about the condition of scalacronida Marches.

The King sccalacronica with great difficulty, traveling thence to Dunbar, where ms. The troops in the English rear fell back upon the ditch of Bannockburn, tumbling one over the other. Edward de Bruce, brother to Robert, King of Scotland desiring to be a king [also], passed out of Scotland into Ireland with a great army in hopes of conquering it.

Then he scalacronoca their condition, and scalzcronica his head, on pain of being hanged and drawn, that if he [Bruce] would attack them on the morrow he would defeat them easily without [much] loss.

Upon which came up the said Thomas with his men, when you might see the horses floundering and the people on foot slaying them as they lay on the ground. The first four rungs represent the four historians, Walter of OxfordBedeRanulf Higden and John of Tynemouthwhose work is to be the inspiration for the first four parts of scalacdonica book, while the fifth rung represents the future.

The said King Edward [the First] went to Scotland, invested the castle of Carlaverock and took it, after which siege William Wallace was taken by John de Menteith near Glasgow and brought before the King of England, who caused him to be drawn and hanged in London.