C – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total: Changes since 27th September Added link to online C manual (in PDF format) at Mamiya USA in section Updated information on Front Element. Mamiya Cf Professional Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Mamiya Cf Professional Accessories Manual.

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This item is huge! They have a big inventory. This somewhat arbitrary figure was dictated by the mm lens. It is set for the mm lens, with the focus at about 5 feet.

Mamiya Cf & Mamiya TLR-System – Review — panta rhei

Make sure that the shutter release is not depressed during film advance. Both black and chrome focus knobs appear to have manal used.

This includes scanned manuals for the C and the Cs. Page 32 Mamiya-Sekor Lenses cont. Last but not least, the camera and all the major system components are easy to repair by a trained expert for years to come, as there are no electric components at all. On the other hand, there is a parallax due to the distance between the viewing and taking lenses. Note that this is a twin bellows; the viewing and taking sections are separated by an internal baffle.


At the risk of stating the obvious, these shutters work in fixed steps. Object field shown in view finder, starting from screen width of 51mm Fifth column: An online version of the C manual in Portable Document Format format is available. They will only fit over slimline c33f.

By turning the film There was a wide-angle lens made to fit the sports finder in early WLFs to give the 65mm field of view. Included note about Seiko shutter variants. It will also fit the 65mm chrome and probably the other short chrome lenses. Intermediate apertures can be set.

Mamiya C330

The most likely use for this ‘feature’ is to allow an early film change when working with action subjects. Perhaps more so, since these tend to have physically larger mounts.

The side release incorporates a lock operating on both releases. The Type one will fit earlier cameras, while the Type 2 fits later models f330f the Cf and Cs.

Please include a relevant subject line, as I am inclined to delete any mail that may be malicious before reading it. Has adjustment for eyesight. Strap mounts may be lugs in place of slots. Object field shown on negative, manuxl from negative width of 56mm Sixth column: It has an angled cold flash shoe and strap for the back of the hand.


Matte Entirely matted with Fresnel lens.

Some lenses, such as the early 80mm, have a chrome cosmetic ring around the outside of the filter thread, which should not be mistaken for a keeper ring. Some early Seikosha-S shutter lenses have the focal length in centimetres. Not compatible with and f screens.

Mamiya C330 User Manual

Contents Mamiya C Professional 1 Before using the camera, read these Contents instructions very carefully, and learn the It is possible to fit two of these devices simultaneously, but this may vary from lens model to model. The pressure plate and the frame counter must be set when changing between and film.

Page 24 Changing the Magnifier 24 Changing the Magnifier for diopter correction In addition to the standard magnifier Far limit of acceptable focus, Third Section: Lenses which have been in professional hands sometimes have the flash synchronisation levers fixed in the ‘X’ setting.

Sports finder; 65mm and 80mm masking as standard, longer lengths by additional masks on the Cf and Cs models only. This picture of the actual item is courtesy of Stefan Geyson.