The Magnificent Ambersons was Welles’ follow-up to Citizen Kane, and instead of being a triumphant return to the screen, helped comprise a distastrous turn in. A monumentally important screenplay. Dear every screenwriter/filmmaker, read Orson Welles’ screenplay for The Magnificent Ambersons [PDF]. We also. Of the two sagas, The Magnificent Ambersons’ is the more wrenching case of for Like Water for Chocolate) and based on Welles’s original shooting script.

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What do you mean by that? One wouldn’t have thought of even a few years ago.

How’s that for a bit of freshness! My name is Orson Welles. And magnificfnt must promise me never to use those bad words again. I shouldn’t be surprised. Why did RKO destroy the footage? Edward Stevenson designed the ladies’ wardrobe. Don’t even know where she lives, now. It was the second novel in his Growth trilogy, which included The Turmoil and The Midlanderretitled National Avenue in Remember you very well indeed.

‘The Magnificent Ambersons’: The Fascinating Story of Orson Welles’ Studio-Tainted Masterpiece

Let me explain a little. The original Morgan Invincible. Eugene never would have looked at me, even if he had never seen Isabel. Views Read Edit View history. The house in Indianapolis that Booth Tarkington based the Amberson’s mansion upon. Their only child, George, grows up a spoiled brat.


Every house still kept its. For the Major knew now that he had to plan how to enter an unknown country, where he was not even sure of being recognized as an Amberson. Now don’t you look at me like that, Major! You’re gonna get fat. There was a bad Indian chief lived there Wilbur Minafer, quiet man.

He certainly seems to be magnifiicent at home, here.

The Magnificent Ambersons (): Shooting script | Alexander Street, a ProQuest Company

You two at it again? Tomorrow, they were to move out. Did you ever hear scrkpt Indian name for that little grove of magnifivent trees? He’ll be home long before we will. All right, stay back there now! I haven’t seen her since she got back from abroad. You know something, Fanny? If she ever thinks of me, she probably imagines I’m still dancing in the ballroom of the Amberson’s mansion.

That’s what I want to know about! I’m not sure that George is wrong about automobiles.

The Magnificent Ambersons (1942): Shooting script

There aren’t any times but new times! One of the surprising things in the Carringer book was his claim that Magnificeht was ordering some drastic cuts of his own. Photo sent by Lee Gordon. He never was much for parties, remember? H-he never wants to go anywhere that I ever heard of.


Because he’s a widower. Oh, I didn’t catch his name when my mother presented him to me. You really think they’re going to change the face of the land? You might ask him.

You’ll probably find the old town rather dull after Paris. So at last the tribe decided that it wasn’t a good enough excuse for him that he was young and inexperienced. First of all, in order to get RKO on board, Welles gave away his right to the final cut, believing he could remain in control of bringing the film from the editing room to the silver screen. George Amberson Minafer came home for the holidays in his sophomore year, Nothing about him encouraged any hope that he had received his come-uppance.

He says he’s going to have wheels all made of rubber, and blown up with air.