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It is important to discriminate between change as a verb or noun. The implication is that a Seer utilizes his or her visual mode as the primary means to access psychic planes. Note furniture, wall hangings, lights, coffee tables, magazines, electronic appliances, absence or presence of floor covering, any unusual fixtures on the ceiling.

It would be all right to select a place where you had lived as a child, provided it was associated with mostly happy memories.

This configuration is often a prefiguration of a hasty decision. Universal Mind, including our individual minds, is itself Energy and it is this energetic connection that enables you with your mind to access and work with these fundamental energies and forces behind all material manifestation.

Procrastination is the thief of time. Finally, it should be mentioned that Ganapati has two wives: After fifteen or twenty minutes turn your desk lamp on; it is wise to record the date and anything that occurred in a journal.

The door has glass, is it frosted, stained, or clear? Extend your astral arm again and write your name with a piece of white chalk. Water and Earth are lovers. Preferred mode of consciousness-sleep.

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Brainstorming, utilizing “human resources” within your immediate environment will provide answers. Touch possesses two qualities: The chakra Vishuddhi maglcal centerslef-development in the throat, emerges to the psychic vision as an Indigo-black egg, the sign of Cosmic space or Ether. Diplomacy Water-sometimes described as the universal solvent-is the feminine power of cooperation opposed to masculine competition.


Pure, undifferentiated consciousness Purnsha has always existed. The Rosicrucian, Heinrich Khunrath, said: Space Rapid growth and a profusion of sprouts after the seasonal test. Psychologists define illusion as a “false interpretation of a sensory stimulus.

The most concrete aspect of Fire, in microcosmic man, is enthusiasm, from the Greek meaning filled with God, and defined as “instilled, seemingly with ideas or feelings from a suprahuman source. The Tattwa Composite Chart appearing on page 40 may be used as a memory exercise aid.

What happened to Fire? Self-devellpment you have had either of these symptoms for more than two weeks see someone-such symptoms often indicate a serious depletion of certain biochemicals in the brain.

Magical Tattwa Cards: A Complete System of Self-Development (Boxed Kit) e-book – Mon premier blog

I will dismiss the Alchemical Western equivalents; they lack the elemental potency of the Tattwa designs. What you conceive now will be borne from the bowels of the Earth with labor. Someone defined reality as knowing you won’t find bird droppings in a xards clock.

Gaze steadily and quietly, inhibiting the blink reflex as much as is comfortable-do not stare or strain. Now touch your forefingers together nails toward youparallel, and on level with your eyes. It is very important, when scrying, to not struggle or tensely search for a result; and when a result does come to be able to enjoy the experience for what it is, without brooding over it. Contemplate the blue background, black pedestal, yellow drape, silver candle, and red flame all at once, for a few seconds.

A delicate alchemical balance can be maintained, with diligence, between the fires of unconscious creativity and stoking this fire with congruent activity of the conscious mind-which is as air to fire. Systtem your reflection in the mirror. Better to go down the wrong”street than stand on the comer!

The Shat Kana Sk.

Be wary of procrastinating. Only by enthusiasm and resolve can a solution be reached. By the same token, beware that enthusiasm can turn into frivolous social activity and procrastination. I ncubation A change is ensuing in which the flame is almost ready to reach across the abyss of space, on the back of the wind. Preparation Exercise Four Place your non-dominant hand, palm toward you, out crads arm’s length, with all the fingers fully extended and spread out. Air-Seed of Earth is a Yellow square.


The Bija Mantra is the sound corresponding to the Yantra or shapes of the elements and these sounds are lodged deep in each Chakra.

The same thing happens with fortune, for she shows her power where there is no force virtu marshaled self-dfvelopment resist her, directing her impetus where she know there are no embankments and dykes to contain her. An opportunity for an alchemical transmutation allows you to turn what “is” into something usable.

As in the prior technique, you will have to experiment with the candles. Consider tatwa tongue which cannot have its gustation taste buds receptors fire without saliva or fluid present in the mouth. I will take it one step further and suggest that as soon as your future is predicted, it is no longer a future. If there is a tattwx cabinet, open it and see what is inside. With AIR movement and vibration.

With a little self-develop,ent your ability to create images outside your head will increase. The exercises in this chapter control the inner world. Whittier, The Eve of Election Fire: Many of the signs and symptoms listed can be present in severe clinical depression, in which case this meditation will not help-and indeed you will feel so bad you won’t be able to do it.

Extract the Air-Seed of Air card and place it on the side of your dominant hand dominant hand equals dominant eye.